WeChat launched a small program, to subvert the use of the App 800 million people

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aifaner· 2016-09-23 07:26:53

the Google issued a chat tool Allo;

of the head, to chat, started sitting on 800 million monthly active users of WeChat, relying on a "applets" beta craze in the industry. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" it is said that this may be a landmark event.

maybe you do not know what I say, you may have seen a lot of related articles, anyway, AppSo (micro signal appsolution) to tell you through this article, small program as another form of app, will probably give you mobile phone habits to change what.

note: in the micro signal appsolution background reply " anatomy of WeChat " can be used to get WeChat's full set of instructions for use.

why there will be a small program?

some people say that WeChat is a national application, it is said that it is the "super flow entrance". How to explain?

look at your cell phone battery usage analysis, properly ranked in the first WeChat is explained.

WeChat is a mobile phone time killer. People in WeChat chat, social networking, reading, payment, buy things, play games … … no wonder that WeChat is a way of life.

and a small program, you can imagine, WeChat and the evolution of the.

think, every time you change a cell phone, or reinstall the system, what do you want to do?

search applications, download applications, restore data, re login account … … but in many cases, you download an application, but it is for one of the functions.

contrast, I have some friends, and will not go to a taxi to download a app, but to open the WeChat in the taxi drops on the matter to complete the. this form of web page built in WeChat's function, in fact, is the predecessor of the small program.

in early 2016, WeChat open class, Zhang Xiaolong in his first public speech on spoilers small program (then called application No.:

we hope there is a new public form, this form of the users concerned about a public number, like the installation of a like app, he wants the public, like when looking for a app, in the use of public number. Usually this number will not be sent to the user, so app will be very quiet there, and so the user needs to find it when it is good. In this way we can try to make more app have a lighter form, but it is better to use a form to exist. This is a new form of public number we are discussing, called application number.

so, what is a small program in the end?

beta officially issued in small program, Zhang Xiaolong made a state in the circle of friends:

small program is a need to download and install the application can be used, it realizes the application of "reach" dream, sweep or search users to open applications. Also reflects the "run away" concept, users do not have to care about whether the installation of too many applications. Applications will be everywhere, readily available, but without the need to install and uninstall.

how do you understand this concept? Download and install

app too much trouble, WeChat small program can meet you;

install / uninstall / use of small procedures, like attention / take off / enter public number as simple;

you can go out, you don't have to worry about a app space;

due to "small program" was a very something new, AppSo (micro signal appsolution) according to the existing information, as far as possible to explain to you what it is: it is actually a

web application, there is no essential difference with WeChat shopping, taxi function;

compared to ordinary web applications, it loads faster, as close to the experience of native app

; you can understand it as a form of balance between the web and native apps; it can only be used by WeChat

, can only run in WeChat No, the desktop icon in the mobile phone;

users can log on WeChat account to retrieve application data;

small program like HTML5 pages, after closing is not, if WeChat shut down small program or click the Home button to temporarily put the background, after opening will maintain for a period of time before the state again. This HTML5 application is convenient, and the performance of some native applications; after WeChat

package, can be better to call the local data and functions, such as positioning, recording and so on;

love fan children get a small program for the first time the beta qualifications, and use a morning's plaything Zhi (business platform coolbuy.com) service access to the WeChat app platform, this is also the first WeChat small program platform.

" after the plaything Zhi users need to access the mobile version through shopping ", although can smoothly complete the purchase experience, but compared with native apps or a lot less, because every page will need time.

" to access small program, we found that the loading speed is greatly improved, but also more "native" transition animation.

small program interface (left) than to open a web page in WeChat (right) to a lot of harmony.

"(" plaything Zhi small program debugging version) more screenshots:

small program means what?

said that if WeChat is before the first application, you get a new mobile phone after downloading the future, when you installed the WeChat you will have a lot of "application", the application is "applets".

we expect WeChat will have a similar Store App things, you will be able to find their own needs within the small program.

you can do some quick and simple tasks with them, and have a similar experience with native applications. Another advantage is that the small program is a universal platform, as long as you log on WeChat will be able to use.

however, since it is a small program, but also means that it's limited capacity. it's no way to have gorgeous animation, a powerful feature, if you want it to do with the original application of the same thing, it is not possible.

addition, it may also have some problems.

a small program, WeChat is the "operating system" sound can be heard without end. But WeChat is still a app, how to present the user program, how to allow users to easily enter the small program, how to deal with the relationship between social, notice, small programs are still a mystery.

in addition, although small program development costs much lower compared to native app, but a small program can not run in addition to WeChat, is also uncertain user data &hellip small program can obtain the WeChat developer; … whether to put our fate completely into micro Xinshou, is a worthy of consideration the problem.

wrote in the last

heard that the industry has a lot of people like to argue that the native applications and web applications which better problem, we feel that there is nothing to fight.

for users, it doesn't need any "tough choices". Web application is very light weight, native applications more comprehensive, for different products, suitable for the shape of course is different - everyone will find their own shoes. WeChat

small program, it is undoubtedly a new opportunity, if successful, we will see the vigorous development of similar ecological public number

; however this does not mean that the original application will die, we think it contains a lot of creativity, and willing to see more creative, in this form, model.

for us, regardless of native applications, small programs, web applications, in fact, are app, are part of the digital life. as long as they can make life better products, AppSo would be for you to find and recommend, do digital life guide.

AppSo will continue to observe the development of small programs and the entire industry, and look forward to the developers continue to show their talent, look forward to more surprises.

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