Really want to God: Ali announced the launch of the satellite to sell rockets

Alibaba rockets satellites big data

qudongzhijia· 2016-09-23 07:26:59

development of the electricity supplier in the field of automatics Alibaba has decided not to be limited to the "global village", but to enter the universe!

Alibaba's Juhuasuan yesterday jointly Chinese Aerospace Science and technology group and China Rocket Technology Research Institute held a "Juhuasuan space marketing plan conference, Juhuasuan of satellite customization and how big data and open space science and technology, and the Internet users and businesses to open sky brand marketing plan, the formation of Internet space marketing alliance. According to Juhuasuan

general manager Liu Bo introduced the exploration program including rocket shedding and utilization, material and other customized space debris and space science and technology development of Internet data, open space agriculture and other innovative projects, and communication satellite customization cooperation , test the cooperation of aerospace industry and electronic commerce field.

it is understood that the first "Shenzhou eleven space poly odd quest" will be the first landing of Juhuasuan in September 23-25, shedding material from Shenzhou eleven launch vehicle after the transformation is customized for daily necessities, umbrellas, jewelry boxes, insulation cup and monumental on-line Juhuasuan sale . Class= img_box "

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