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fall is a key node in most of the enterprises are summarized and liquidation, perhaps because of this reason, the Internet Co recently exposed a series of serious cases of corruption involving senior executives.

it is understood krypton 36, the recent Jingdong within the group for employee corruption cases for a new round of investigation, even alerted the police involved, corruption occurred in the marketing department and other relevant departments, positions involving executives and staff at all levels, involving the number of about 5 people. 36 krypton then contacted the Jingdong insiders for confirmation, but the other side also said it was temporarily unaware.

9" on Sept. 21, Baidu also released a "serious disciplinary cases briefing", including 17 cases of serious violation of the full report, including rice, for customers in Beijing development department, Ministry of Commerce, channel cooperation, search product market, Post Bar, cool games, mobile distribution and other departments. In the punishment method, light is expelled, and then transferred to judicial organs.

Baidu Nuomi is the focus of the anti-corruption punishment department. In these 17 cases, more than half of the cases from Baidu Nuomi and its subsidiaries, which relates to the headquarters of glutinous rice and local branch in the brush single, false claims, false results and other aspects of the interests of dredging.

the severity of the investigation and punishment in the history of Baidu is also very rare, to involve the part of the job has been a departure of the interns working behavior of the investigation. "Serious disciplinary cases briefing" specifically pointed out that "the rice market department Zhang Jing, Feng Yue, Fan Shipeng (Intern) resort to deceit in market activities, prizes will hold to their relatives with cold. The company has ordered 3 people to return the prize. On suspicion of embezzlement, the police have accepted the division report involved in criminal investigation. "

Fan Shipeng later said in interviews with the media when, during their work behavior in line with Baidu Nuomi at the time of the event program: in order to improve the activity and pull the relatives and friends to participate in activities, participate in activities because of poor conditions, finally friends get most of the prizes are also in accordance with the original rules."".

from the end of the internship period Fan Shipeng has been a year, when the normal process is also the end of the internship, no one informed him to assist the subsequent investigation. After a year to see the company's investigation and punishment, he said, can not accept".

this case investigation in detail is also reflected in, in addition to the accountability department executives, "taking bribes from Post Bar employees for novel website back, cool game game player to sell the staff to the game currency, mobile product distribution Department staff stolen Baidu external resources for their own developed software for profit, are listed in the list.

when the enterprise development to tens of thousands of people, any of the larger funds involved in the flow of power is likely to be concentrated in the Department of corruption, anti-corruption department is also a permanent Department of large internet.

Ali, Tencent, Baidu, HUAWEI and ZTE and other large enterprises have their own anti-corruption mechanism. The Alibaba also set up a special "integrity" and "compliance department" is responsible for investigating corruption and internal executives and business interests exchange found repeatedly in recent years, the most recent example is the Hangzhou police have been transferred to the former general manager of Juhuasuan Yan Limin governance.

Baidu told corruption mainly through the internal mail form, and the establishment of Baidu occupation moral construction department in 2011, the Department staff is mainly engaged in the occupation of enterprise internal audit, who prosecutors and police and other professional. Under normal circumstances, the Department in an internal investigation to take confidential measures, without the person involved in the case and the person in charge and the highest management report. According to the

recruitment department, can roughly infer its important position in the enterprise: "corruption in the legal profession graduation, and investigation / survey related work experience more than 5 years, with the judicial investigation work experience is preferred. The contents include: accept the report or report from different ways, take appropriate means of investigation plan and to identify the fact that the extraction of witnesses and evidence, and the personnel involved in question.

since the establishment of the Department, has repeatedly cracked the case of internal corruption. In 2012, the Department informed the Baidu community service department, the Ministry of public affairs, several employees and external staff collusion, charge delete posts. Which 1 Baidu employees and even in half a month by way of 67400 yuan of illegal income. In November and May 2015,

2014, Baidu's professional ethics ministry also dealt with two large-scale anti-corruption case Baidu. To Baidu business market and channel region respectively, game division, search resources cooperation, brand display advertising, display advertising business planning department, general manager of union development, was handed over to the judicial organs.

Jingdong public relations director Song Yang told the Jingdong of krypton 36, corruption cases also "resolutely zero tolerance" state. Jingdong has a clean Jingdong, the public service number, used to publish the internal supervision of the Jingdong's announcement, and regularly conduct anti-corruption training, anti-corruption system interpretation activities. In the Jingdong of the various logistics warehouses, distribution stations, will often show some of the sales staff to deal with the case of corruption.

in Liu Qiangdong himself on corruption is more profound feelings. In many public speeches, Liu Qiang Dongdu recalls his first venture to open a restaurant, finance and procurement of people in love, and together the company's money to corruption, resulting in loss of restaurant commissioner. "I came out in addition to want to prove that they have the ability to do something outside, there is a firm belief: to do a not illegal, there is no corruption of the enterprise," Liu Qiangdong said.

Liu Qiangdong's remarks may represent these entrepreneurs to zero tolerance of corruption: the company suspects that you are greedy for 100 thousand dollars, even if you spend 10 million of the investigation and evidence, but also to find out you. Don't say tens of thousands of dollars, thousands of dollars, you dare to take a penny and I have put you out, I won't tell you any feelings, I don't have a tiny bit of hesitation. "

the following is issued by the Baidu Inc internal" serious disciplinary cases briefing "full text:

[important] Baidu Inc occupation ethics committee, serious violation cases notified

will now a number of disciplinary cases in 2016 occupation moral Department has investigation are summarized below, please forward the management of the company will case notification e-mail to Baidu staff.

occupation ethics committee will be based on the company's management requirements, continue to increase efforts to deal with corruption, corruption and fraud exposure treatment, any violation of the state laws, and resolutely transferred to judicial organs according to law.

hopes to investigate and report these cases, alarm bells ringing, and remind the majority of Baidu alert students: in awe of the heart, the company adhere to the red line system. Baidu is the practice of "Simple and Reliable" the minimum values of

comply with the occupation ethics, please be sure to strengthen the company's management staff at all levels of the core values of education in their respective teams, to ensure more effective implementation of occupation moral and behavioral norms.

company in strict accordance with the company system and state laws dealing with discipline staff, improve internal environment; on the other hand, to actively promote the company system and the bottom line. The majority of students are eager to learn a lesson, do not forget the early heart, not dream, realize self value in the Baidu platform to work hard.

the students if the employee is found to have violated the company occupation ethics behavior or clues, welcome to report, to report all occupation ethics committee will mail a check in the end. During the

the following staff seriously violates the occupation moral and behavioral norms, constitute a serious violation of discipline, was expelled from the company; some people suspected of crimes have been transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility according to law.

1, Zhang Rui, Chengdu branch of the glutinous rice to the external staff for the merchant brush single, cheat the company subsidies. Zhang Rui has a full refund of the company lost a few million. Zhang has been in the local court for fraud and sentenced to life imprisonment and a fine.

2, central China Regional Director Chi Chai glutinous rice false meeting costs. On suspicion of embezzlement, the police have accepted the Division I report and have begun a criminal investigation.

3, glutinous rice Hefei branch package Swiss resort to deceit of defrauding the company sales commission, and brush the use of virtual stores, defrauding the company subsidies. On suspicion of fraud, the police have accepted the Division I reported and began a criminal investigation.

4, Hainan, glutinous rice sales Wu Jun collusion merchants brush single cheat company discount. The amount of money awarded has won back, has been expelled from the company.

5, Yangzhou City, East China area, the city director Xu false claims. Have a full refund of false money, has been expelled from the company.

6, glutinous rice Xi'an branch Yang Mo unauthorized interception promotion fee for their own businesses map. On suspicion of embezzlement, the police have accepted the division report involved in criminal investigation.

7, Zhang Jing, Feng Yue, rice market department Fan Shipeng (Intern) resort to deceit in market activities, prizes will hold to their relatives with cold. The company has ordered 3 people to return the prize. On suspicion of embezzlement, the police have accepted the division report involved in criminal investigation.

8, Shanghai Branch Business Development Department of glutinous rice, Chen Jiahua left fly resort to deceit to defraud the company sales commission, and the use of fake merchant brush, defrauding the company subsidies. Now Chen Jiahua has been in the local court of First Instance sentenced to embezzlement and sentenced to 7 months, returned the company lost a few million. On the business development department of Li Qingwei Chen Jiahua, left to fly under the connivance of practise fraud, causing serious damage to the company, there is a serious dereliction of duty, and in the survey of acts of bad faith, has been expelled from the company.

9, glutinous rice Beijing branch added part of Huo Jiao in the train project in the instigation of subordinate resort to deceit impact performance, has been expelled from the company.

10, glutinous rice Beijing direct branch Yang Jingjing, Beijing branch customer development department Tian Shengguo, Wu Deyi, Wen Hongpeng, North Branch Customer Development Department former employees Xiaoshuai Zhen and Zhao Yuanyuan, used his position to facilitate collusion, website promotion and data tampering with the illegal profits, the 6 people arrested for the crime of criminal detention by the police.

11, Beijing branch customer development department Zhang Lei, Lu Lei, Li Kexuan, Xu Lijun, a serious violation of the regulations of the company, the business has been expelled from the resort to deceit, are.

12, the channel Department of Zhang Zhi and partners to improper large economic exchanges, gifts were not reported, has been dismissed.

13, a serious violation of discipline behavior there are significant conflicts of interests business manager Su Guangfu, and alleged against Baidu channels for personal gain. On suspicion of commercial bribery, the police have begun a criminal investigation.

14, search product marketing department Tian Peng collusion illegal operations, malicious tampering website ranking, has been dismissed.

15, Post Bar Division Product Center Zhang Wanlei bribes a novel website to help tens of thousands of Wu, the novel website guide. Zhang Wanyuan has a full refund of money. On suspicion of embezzlement, the police have accepted the division report involved in criminal investigation.

16, more than a cool game Huang Xiang Xiang position, the game will be sold to the players currency cheap illegal profits. Huang Jie has a full refund of money. On suspicion of embezzlement, the police have accepted the division report involved in criminal investigation.

17, mobile distribution products Jin Linping in foreign investment company is not reported, and under the Li Bin organization management collusion development team stolen Baidu resources benefit their external software. Two per capita has been dismissed.

Baidu Inc professional ethics committee

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