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"application" plan will finally be realized, yesterday morning WeChat unveiled a public official number called "apps" new features and details, now open beta. Whether WeChat will be able to change the shape of the mobile application, the transformation of ecological composition caused a warm discussion.

from the application to small program

yesterday morning, WeChat's official public number "WeChat public class" published a news that in January this year, the WeChat Pro version of the open class scene, WeChat application team had mentioned the tentative name for a small program, has now begun to be measured. According to reports, the user will not need to download a small program, sweep or search installation can be used, embodies the "go out" concept.

in a small program online video exposure, a small program is located in the "discovery" plate, and after entering the normal App interface almost does not have what difference, you can run directly on the display of WeChat chat window, the circle of friends and other positions. The main types of individuals, enterprises, government, media or other organizations of developers, can apply for registration of small programs.

specifically, WeChat will open the interface, reduce the cost of developers and application maintenance difficulty, with WeChat's own huge flow pool, so that part of the long tail App function to get more display. Small program can be combined with WeChat login, and the developer has App background user data to get through, but will not support a small program and App direct jump.

at the beginning of the year, "WeChat" the father of Zhang Xiaolong discloses the so-called "application" concept, "cash small program" beta is this. According to reports, the small program with the subscription number, service number, the number of enterprises in a parallel relationship. In fact, it is implemented as application No. concept is more like a service number to extend and upgrade ", AI Media Group Chairman Zhang Yiru is the definition of small program will guide more dependent on the public number, subscription number, service number of enterprises in the development of the WeChat platform to present more function.


open and polymerization is worthy of attention is that the introduction of a small program so that many developers began to boil. The well-known Internet industry commentator Hong Bo said that WeChat launched a public number the first time when the person registered to cultivate a million subscription large, this small program will also cause some beta Unicorn who wants to play for the qualification. But Zhang Yi believes that the application development and user acquisition costs are too high, so the effect of the small program should be the number of small and medium-sized enterprises and developers of traditional enterprises, has become the size of the App is not really with it.

industry analysts said the small program is further improvement and upgrading of WeChat's own "platform application" attributes, further opening up is WeChat, which will enhance the user while mobilize developer activity, more functions will also form a more complete and rich ecological environment.

, however, Zhang Yi pointed out that WeChat as a super App is becoming more and more important. The emergence of small programs have the hope to drive transactions and advertising, etc.. For users, WeChat is a social networking, user experience may be too much with the function of discount, users also have personalized needs, do not want to be tied in a closed space. "

in addition to small programs, WeChat has also recently launched a circle of friends to promote local advertising. Tencent for WeChat's expectations of the most important direction is to achieve a connection, the other is a commercial, the industry believes that the emergence of small programs will also be likely to reflect the value of the transaction and marketing.

Avatar OS kill App

while WeChat official said, "the introduction of small program does not want to do the distribution market, but for some quality services to provide an open platform, however, sensory, app store small program form seems to be WeChat. Tianqi amoeba fund investment partner Wei Wu Hui believes that WeChat has a application showing it to become a OS's ambitions in the future. OS is connected to all the bottom, such as the Windows PC, smart phones in the apple iOS and Google Android. The difference is that Windows, iOS and Android are based on hardware, while WeChat aimed at the data, the purpose is to connect everything.

in fact, a small program, this product form, Baidu, UC, pea pods and other browsers and applications have tried to launch, but no one can do this thing. If you draw on the effect of WeChat's third party service interface, whether the small program will lead to the developer and the user's attention to even reach the extent of the impact of App survival is yet to be discussed.

Zhang Yi believes that the program is more like a H5 distribution, in fact WeChat can not monopolize distribution, nor the application store. First of all need to consider how to stimulate the enthusiasm of the user to use.

Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters Fang Binnan and Jiang Hong

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