Zhang Tielin won the child screen exposure confrontation hand anger refers to the woman

Zhang Tielin woman picture custody

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" yiboweiping another, Zhang Tielin and the sishengnv lawsuit just finished its illegitimate child, the mother of Ms. Zi played dual lawsuit. The day before, Zhang Tielin took the sub picture exposure, photo shows Zhang Tielin a face not happy, there seems to be at odds with Zi lady, unpleasant expression pointing to talk to each other, then Zhang Tielin and Ms. Zi confronted the negotiations, Zhang Tielin sat on the sofa looks angry.

for the son of Ms. Zi alimony 1 million 50 thousand yuan, and Zi lady sued Zhang Tielin, for the return of the custody of his son. The figure is Zhang Tielin sitting on the sofa and anger refers to the woman.

" according to Zi lady said, in 2001 she was a college student two people, she gave birth to a boy Zhang Yang pregnant, has been brought up by their. 2009, Zhang Tielin instructed others to force the child away. So far, she has not seen the children for 6 years. The picture is Zhang Tielin's mother Ms. Zi illegitimate child.

" for Zhang Tielin confrontation with the Zi lady talks.

" after mediation, Zhang Tielin is not the day to take the child, travel time also said: "children with my mother I can rest assured. "Zi ladies were relieved to think things out. Class= img_box "

Zhang Tielin. Class= img_box "

Zhang Tielin won the sub screen exposure. Class= img_box "

Zhang Tielin expression unhappy.

" according to Ms. Zi agent claimed that Zhang Tielin suspected had ordered his staff to bring people to violence for biological son and mother son. It is reported that when Zhang Tielin suddenly came to Ms. Shaanxi Zi Yulin home, and let 3, 4 young men forced their way into a strange. A door, shouting Zhang Tielin called his son up for me! "Let the attendants and attempted to forcibly searching Zi home of ms.! But because there was a lady's father and Zi home brother sister-in-law, the family was awakened, and timely wake up next door neighbor, Zhang Tielin, found his son's behavior was only to stop looting. Alarm record.

Zi said Ms. because Zhang Tielin stonewalled, and hasn't really seen the son, Zi female don't even know where to be, who care son. Until last year, Ms. Zi finally will Zhang Tielin to court.

" according to the old lady and son of former zi.

" according to the old lady and son of former zi.

" according to the old lady and son of former zi.

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