V news! WeChat public number brush reading tool crash

V WeChat the public number bad news

tengxunkeji· 2016-09-29 19:16:50

heavy! Network transmission of the public number of WeChat brush to read the amount of the collapse of the large V to show the true tail

WeChat 100 thousand + read the amount of the original so come? Meizu sales turned out to be so!!

" Francisco Tencent in September 29th, today there is news WeChat said, click on the public number brush tool is broken, some netizens said that many ordinary looks suspect, reading volume plummeted, many large V fox's tail exposed.

in this regard, the WeChat team to Tencent technology exclusive said: we have consistently resolutely crack down on any false, fraudulent users, the impact of the experience of behavior. "

"technology to a public Tencent WeChat, for example, the latest in a number of public articles issued by the time is 23:30 on September 28th the left and right, but by the end of September 29th at 10:30 in the morning, the amount of reading is only more than and 600, while the September 27th 26, issued on the article, reading reached 20 thousand +. Class= img_box "

WeChat public number brush click on the industry has been the secret of the public. On Taobao search WeChat public reading, will find a lot of businesses are engaged in this kind of business. Some stores trading volume has reached tens of thousands of pen.

" had a specific price media exposure to brush the amount of reading: by reading the amount of 15 yuan for 1000 times the original amount of reading is 15 yuan for 100 times, the amount forwarded to share 40 yuan 100 times, WeChat fans of top quality 20 yuan 500 powder.

earlier, WeChat has made a statement on the amount of reading brush: for the use of bad means to brush the amount of reading behavior, WeChat team has developed a strict preventive measures and punishment mechanism. The "brush" who once verified, will be strictly punished, do not rule out the WeChat background to take title measures.

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