Muslim women rare board Playboy cover

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"perview_img_p content_img_p" 1/6 "playboy" magazine and the Muslim women wear a scarf usually do not appear together. But the American journalist Tagouri Noor has changed all this, and she proudly wore a scarf to the Renegades magazine in October. The twenty-two year old woman in jeans, a leather jacket and a CONVERSE sports shoes, she said her goal is to become the first U.S. commercial television news anchor wearing a scarf.

2/6 she is currently for video news network Newsy and create a simple format video works of news broadcast news. Tagouri thinks that as a Muslim woman, her experience can make her a better journalist.

3/6 "in her" the dandy said in an interview: "to be honest, I think as a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf, my identity can help me to get the trust from my interview there. I know that in the media, there is a widespread misunderstanding of the Muslim community and the use of. I can say, "Hey, I know what the impact of the media in the media is not the kind of influence that the parties have brought to the party," I said in an interview. I'm not doing this for you. I would like to tell others about your story, because it is important that you deserve the support of justice. Once people get a new license, I will immediately know. They will realize that their story is very strong, they will start to share the story. It is incredible return, this can even help to enlighten and save others. "

4/6 Tagouri while on the network by some hatred and criticism, but she does not see or pay attention to these things. Class= img_box "

" 5/6 she said: "these are negative energy, they are very unhealthy. I'll think of a way to make sure that the communication circles around me keep my feet on the ground. Whether it's at work or at home, people who are interested in me will tell me their concerns and criticisms, and I will try to convince them. In addition, I will try my best not to let people feel disappointed because of my wearing or speech. "

6/6 and Tagouri decided to wearing a headscarf news decision, she said it is not need to think about things. Tagouri said: "this can give me strength, it can help me to do what I want to do.". I don't have anything different about the news on my head. "

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Muslim women rare board Playboy cover