In the eyes of the aliens, our world is so bad


fengkuangniaowo· 2016-04-24 14:36:27

< p = "line-height: 25.6px; white-space: normal;" > nest Jun is a love fantasy naive juvenile, and in particular that aliens exist, I believe that a lot of boys are like that. When I read a lot about the alien movies, are talking about aliens to invade the earth, they are deformed terror, and very powerful, then read is really scared urine. < br />

today recommended video about is about aliens came to earth's story, but the alien but let nest Jun feel some sympathy for ah.

aliens just came to earth happened will catch up with the earth in the war, so he quickly hid the water, but do not care to be buried.

several years after the earth people found the he and dug him out, but unfortunately is, he met a modern war.

at the end of his alien friends came to the earth, the scarred drag him back to the ship.

but war and did not stop. (PS: this picture is not like a kid bully game in a game, played with people who know.)

in the eyes of the alien, the earth may never in contention battle it, this time in fact will be quite appreciate their life in the era of peace, happy life is good.

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