Apple may want to buy a car prices but Tesla is not a good choice

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苹果可能要收购一家车企 但特斯拉不是好选择


Business Chinese station reported on September 25th Insider senior reporter Maxiudi Baird (Matthew DeBord) recently commented that the United States Apple Corp to achieve a breakthrough in the automotive field, the acquisition of Tesla or Mai Karen are not wise, the most suitable acquisition targets should be there is a certain scale of the traditional car prices. The following is a summary of the article.

days ago, rumors that the Apple Corp is exploring the investment or acquisition of the British super - run manufacturers as well as the F1 team McLaren Karen (McLaren).

Karen later responded that the report was groundless. However, people can see that apple is playing the transportation industry.

earlier this year, the cash reserves of more than $200 billion of Apple Corp decided to taxi service to China business drops $1 billion investment.

of course, Apple also has a mysterious project (Titan Project). However, this project either reshape the travel industry, or completely failed.

my point of view is that apple is gradually turning into an invisible holding company. Apple does not know with so much money should do what, a large amount of deposit in the bank like go shopping, buy a nouveau riche, first hand before considering how to deal with. Apple in 2014 to spend $3 billion acquisition of headset manufacturers Beats, and then invest 1 billion U.S. dollars to travel drops, and may be the amount of investment in the same amount to Karen.

acquisition of Tesla?

苹果可能要收购一家车企 但特斯拉不是好选择

acquisition Mai Karen rumors also make everyone think of the topic had been discussed earlier: Apple should acquire tesla. Although I don't think this idea is sensible, it is much more reasonable than the idea of a Karen. The entire technology industry is very much like to see Apple and Tesla together, because this can be the birth of the two most popular brands in Silicon Valley together. For many people, Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) is the new Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs).

but that's exactly what the problem is. Apple already has such a large scale, and become a company with no desire for innovation, its more concerned about how to manage its existing brilliant achievements. In the past to comment on Apple's acquisition of Tesla this topic, I often ask, why Apple did not launch an independent TV products, which is the best opportunity to reshape the user experience by familiar products. The reason, I think it is Apple's own avoidance. This is unlikely to happen before the death of Jobs, because innovation at the time of the rise of apple.

though Tesla came stumbling, pain but the speed of innovation grow with each passing day, soon. Not long ago, Tesla also carried out a major update to its software, including at least one new technology, namely car overheating protection (Cabin Overheat Protection), which can make the battery car in the temperature range the most comfortable in the car does not move when the car's children and pets can play good protection.

at the same time, apple is busy screwing and EarPod headset headset jack iPhone 7, but it tells consumers this is a brave move, in fact they are on some long existing products for fine adjustments not necessary.


align= center >苹果可能要收购一家车企 但特斯拉不是好选择

some think Apple should acquire the logic of the Tesla is not a clue to the Titan project. Is it a real car? Or vehicle interaction interface? Or is an unmanned plan? At least in the acquisition of Tesla, Apple will occupy a central position in the course of cars.

however, Apple also needs to come up with good ideas elonmusk. This will be a challenge, because the musk and apple CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) is a commercial field of two different leaders. Mask is constantly changing the prophet, but Cook is a law-abiding entrepreneurs. Cook inherited the world that Apple had changed, and Mask was trying to change the world again.

in addition, even if Apple can successfully swallowed $30 billion Tesla, but with musk and his team continue to develop, Apple may also face more trouble.

first Tesla to 2018 annual output to reach 500 thousand units, as well as in 2017 on time to launch a mass market for the Model 3 models. However, the challenge is not only these, Tesla also completed the struggling solar company, the acquisition of SolarCity, makes the Gigafactory factory in Nevada launched and produced a large number of batteries, makes Tesla Energy become the energy storage business feasible, continue to expand the charging network, especially in China, subsequent impact accidents caused by Autopilot software and please continue to Wall Street financing.

even in accordance with Apple's standards, so many problems also need a lot of money to solve.

苹果可能要收购一家车企 但特斯拉不是好选择

" finally, we have to think of the usual sense of the science and technology enterprises can really play a role in the field of traffic change. We are always wishful thinking that Google and apple, just because they are Google and apple, they will be able to take advantage of powerful wisdom and abundant funds in this area to achieve an incredible breakthrough.

but, as of now, has a huge influence on traffic travel technology company is only Uber, because it has been steeped in the field of travel. Of course, Tesla made its own contribution, but its overall impact is still in the edge of the position: the majority of cars on the road today or gasoline vehicles. In a sense, Tesla gradually become a mixture of science and technology enterprises and automobile enterprises.

really promote the change in this area is precisely the traditional car manufacturers, they have the ability to scale new products to promote, so that it quickly enter the market. GM will produce Bolt Chevy electric cars from next month. Optimistic that, Bolt Chevy sales in the next two years to reach 150 thousand, the sum of the sales volume of the founding of the tesla.

therefore, maybe Apple should forget Tesla and Karen. If Apple wants to make a contribution in the automotive field, Detroit (Auto City) may be the place to implement the acquisition plan. (compiler / Eru)

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