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(Marathon) long marathon Run is the world's very popular long-distance race project, the distance of 26 miles 385 yards, equivalent to 42.195 km (also a statement of 42.193 km). Divided Full Marathon (Full Marathon), Half Marathon (Half Marathon) and four Marathon (Quarter Marathon) three. To the full marathon race is the most popular, generally referred to the marathon, which refers to the full marathon.

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marathon origin of

this race origin from 490 bc in September 12th occurred in a battle about. this battle is the Persians and the people of Athens in the near Athens marathon happened at sea, known as the Persian war, the people of Athens won the victory against aggression. In order to let the hometown people know as soon as the news of victory, the commander Miller Di sent a call soldiers back and Dipici philippines.

Fiddy Pitts is a famous "Scud", in order to let the hometown people knew the good news, he kept running, when he went to Athens, has been out of breath, excitedly shouted: "...... joy, the people of Athens, we...... victory" and fell over dead.

to commemorate This patriotic feat, the famous French sculptor Max Croce, according to the image of the hero, in 1881 to shape a expressive sculpture works: "we conquered the". Statue of a naked youth, giant strides, the right hand holding the crown, a symbol of victory; the left hand over his chest, said exhaustion.

why distance 42.195 kilometers?

to commemorate this event, held in 1896 the first modern Olympic Games, set up a marathon of this project, the year Fede Pitts messenger mileage run - 42.195 kilometers distance.

why is called the" marathon "?

to commemorate the famous Feidi production of long distance running, but this battle is the Persians and Athens people in Athens not far from the seaside marathon, so in 1896 at the modern article The Olympic Games, the distance of 42.195 meters running as a sport, known as the marathon race.

  • players to get the game medical institutions recognized, can participate in the competition.

  • 42.195 km distance to human beings, is a physical challenge. In the game, although the athletes will also be from the side of the small table or standing in the hands of people standing in the hands of some water. And this drinking water is not everyone can easily pass.

  • can be said, "water" is the most stringent part of the marathon in the box-sizing:.

  • in addition, as long as the athletes under the supervision of the judge right along the route to the game, if there are special reasons, but also in the referee under the supervision of leaving the race route, but if you do not leave under supervision will lose the race.

  • marathon event?

    international competitions

    • Boston Marathon (US)

    Boston marathon began in April 19, 1897, is the world's first city marathon, there were only 15 runners in. From its inception, the Boston marathon once a year, never stopped, usually in mid April. Prior to 1986, the Boston marathon has been in use in ancient Greece, the winner of the prize only wearing olive Ye Biancheng's crown, awarded the trophy, but no bonus.

    If any marathon can not hesitate to claim to be the most popular in the world, it must be New York marathon. The reputation of New York Marathon after Boston, founded in 1970, held every year at the beginning of November, participants up to more than 100 thousand people, the New York bridge is great in strength and impetus, even the earthquake, the scene is very spectacular. No one can attract so many marathon runners from around the world as the New York marathon, the city's unique charm, spectacular game atmosphere and full track on both sides of the unbelievable audience makes more and more people to join this event. If you want to feel the vitality and passion of the city marathon, you must not miss the New York marathon.

    every year in late September at the Berlin marathon in the world class marathon forest, largely thanks to its world record track and has the ultra efficient organizing committee. But it's not just the Berlin marathon. Berlin marathon to attract a large audience, lively and noisy, the race route can let you come to a 20 world historical review tour. You will run through the magnificent history of architecture, the former East Berlin serious and tidy buildings, as well as western Berlin modern, high-tech, full of commercial color buildings. Although the theme of the Berlin marathon in the last few years is the world record, but the Berlin marathon is the most proud of - it is the real mass of the marathon.

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