Do you really need Gopro? This is a more beautiful and more portable camera.


apptuijian· 2016-09-30 11:57:13

Gopro is a good stuff, no matter how the motion state, can easily record the moment.

but the price in the three thousand or four thousand Gopro, leaving the sport and travel, you also can use it several times?

we need a lighter and more able to share the camera to record their life. So Qlippie is coming.

so good-looking, you have to take what

Qlippie is as wearable camera launched by the Tencent research and development. One can't move the eyes, it's a small shape.

the whole machine size is only 48 X 48 x 19.6mm, 45g. 1 Macarons size, 3 Macarons weight. Lovely explosion.

white body, smooth and clean. At the same time as the 12 camera stickers, make your Qlippie, full of personality, beautiful heart, All flowers bloom together.

reason why Qlippie is dressed in a wearable camera, is the aluminum magnesium alloy clip, can easily take on your clothes.

you double liberation The hand, but it's seen the world is always your perspective. There is a role to play, dress up your appearance.

looks good, also need to have a good

first show Qlippie proofs, from around the world:

122 degrees such as its new wide-angle lens design, can improve the image deformation. You can see the results from this comparison group.

(left for

third generation using SONY back illuminated sensor technology, better light can improve image quality and reduce noise.

1080P HD camera, F2.6 aperture, high performance image processor, is responsible for the final the effect of.

app to use it, you can make real-time viewing and shooting control. The more important point is that you take a photo, can directly filter processing in the application.

the other is false, this is the king haha.



the camera live link WiFi hot, share a key to the social network. Friends turn red road, right in front of you.

support time-lapse photography, you can easily shoot the sunrise and sunset, clouds.

can be 3 times as slow motion photography HD lens, and everyone is sloth lightning.

Life: 2 hours of continuous HD (720P), support mobile power or computer for charging while recording.

32G flash, 5000 photos as in this little box. Poke here can buy style= color: "RGB >

let it accompany you to go to the farther and deeper place

the purchase of Qlippie, will be presented back clamping bracket and 1 pieces of each hand strap make you more calm.

loaded clip frame, your Qlippie can be transferred to the three foot, rod, self suction cups and other equipment, to deal with various poses.

can you hand in hand strap photography, free to carry, have more security.

Qlippie waterproof protective shell (additional purchase, toy stores) you can, the water depth of 15m, to explore the deep and mysterious underwater world.

select double coated optical glass lens protection glass, can improve the effects of underwater shooting.

special benefits: " in the name of one of the top 30 buy store toys Qlippie dress wearable camera customer waterproof protective shell can be free of the value of RMB 189 yuan.

one is one of the world, share your world to you friends with Qlippie. Poke here can buy.


price: 799 yuan

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