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Apple cleaning mailbox

kuchuantuiguangshouce· 2016-09-30 12:07:50

9 2 September morning, Apple has notified by mail to the global developer" with the total number of App Store applications and new weekly update the number of applications increases, to make users easier to find the desired application, from September 7, 2016 began to clean up some of the non-compliance of the application".

what application of non-compliance?

, a Title Application cannot exceed 50 characters"

Apple said in the message, some developers use long names, and there is no direct relationship with application of content, only affects the search results, and there is no value to the users of such applications will not allowed.

note: the mail does not explicitly limit the number of Chinese characters, so the beginning of the list to fill in the data in the App Store introduced English character conversion ratio of 1:1 computing, the application title more than 50 Chinese characters APP.

two, the application of waste cleanup

1, long time, does not meet the current audit standard application of
2, is not compatible with the latest release of the IOS and MacOS versions of the application of

3, no claim to the application of

for this part of the application, Apple will be notified by mail, if the developer does not modify the upgrade over 30 days, Apple will be to clean up these APP.

ongoing clean-up!

according to cool pass understanding," font-size: now developers have received from Apple Mail, App Store the application of non-compliance cleanup activities are being quietly.

according to the developers reflect Apple issued a notification email containing such a sentence: we noticed that your application has a long time no update. According to Apple's policy, Store App before the official clearance of the zombie software, developers have 30 days to prepare for the update.

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