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" data figure: suspected ballistic missile Dongfeng -21C HD video transmission

original title: Dongfeng 21C video debut cited concern or suspected and thad stroke

CCTV 28, announced the first suspected ballistic missile Dongfeng -21C HD launch video, this is the first publication of the missile bare shells, the details of its appearance shows some unique features of the play. Since 80s the layout and appearance and were able to win a play of the last century the United States "Pershing II" is very similar, it is also known as the Chinese version of "II pershing". Chinese experts believe that the missile can strengthen the underground command center and other important solid targets to implement effective combat, but also have a certain fight against the ability of the anti missile system.

Chinese version of "Pan Xing II"

first revealed truth from the CCTV video released, suspected Dongfeng -21C shape with the "Pan Xing II" is similar to that of common feature is the two stage solid rocket engine with brawnier, reentry warhead slender, and equipped with air rudder.

experts pointed out that from the analysis of shape features: first, it is a tactical ballistic missile system a single warhead, the head of sharp, reduce the resistance to reentry, and multiple warhead ballistic missile head is full. Of course, one may use the submunition warhead ballistic missile warhead, at a certain height scattered over the target, the target coverage, but with multiple warheads are two concepts. Second, judging from the appearance, the bomb is likely to adopt the wearing of the fighting department. "Dongfeng -21C" ballistic missile warhead is significantly more slender than earlier models, so that the launch tube head had to be more than a cone to accommodate the warhead. Generally speaking, the warhead has a higher requirement for the length, because the maximum penetration depth is related to the length of the penetration body. The longer the penetration body, the greater the depth of the drill. Judging from the slender warhead, the model can be used to combat the ground solid target.

experts believe that the end of the missile can be implemented with precision control and guidance. Because the missile's reentry warhead is equipped with an air rudder, the flight path of the warhead can be controlled. In addition the missile head color and other parts of different colors, is likely to be transparent material, which indicates that the head or the installation of radar seeker, in fact, earth penetrating warhead guidance accuracy can only reach a higher effective implementation of pinpoint attack. In 80s of last century, the "II" using the inertial guidance and radar area correlation matching technology, the probability of the error reached 30 meters. When deployed in Europe is equipped with nuclear warheads, "Pan Xing II" missile can directly threaten the Soviet underground command center, said the missile can be contributed to the inf treaty to some extent. With China existing electronic technology level, fully developed radar area correlation matching technique when the U.S. military "II Pershing", and using GPS or Beidou Satellite Guidance Technology, achieve little precision problem of 30 meters. In addition, from the launch of the missile in the video to see, out of the barrel after climbing soon, a large number of suspected rocket thermal tiles used from the projectile tribe, so it can not be completely ruled out the final bomb using liquid engine multiple switch may. And of course, there is a possibility that the tiles are used to control the temperature of the missile guidance system.

technology is a bit like "carrier killer"

"Dongfeng -21C" and is known as the "carrier killer" Dongfeng -21D compared to what is different? The shape difference between the two launch vehicles is very small, only at the top of the launch tube of the instrument box is slightly different, the biggest difference between the two should be in the guidance system. "Dongfeng -21C" is used to strike a fixed target, so only the inertial guidance and terminal radar guidance can be used to carry out a precise strike on the target. But the surface ship is a moving target, the maximum speed of the aircraft carrier reached 30 or so, in the course of the missile flight, it may be moved to the missile terminal guidance system outside the detection range. So, it is needed to correct the flight trajectory during the warhead flight, and the whole system chain is more complex. In addition, the requirements for terminal control are also more sophisticated.

, however, the sea clutter is weak and may not require sophisticated end seeker technology. Because the ground target is the strong reflection source of the radar wave, the ground target is attacked, and the requirement of the radar seeker is higher. To the "II Pershing" as an example, the missile reentry warhead at the height of about 15 thousand meters on the radar antenna to two cycles per second speed to the target area scanning, target zone formation of real images, through digital processing, matching with the reference image correction. Reference images are usually acquired by satellite or other reconnaissance means. The more new technology is the use of synthetic aperture radar, therefore, "Dongfeng -21C" at least in the final guidance system, not more than the "aircraft carrier killer" simple.

or with "Sade".

is widely believed, the maximum range of Dongfeng -21 "series of ballistic missiles in between 1500 to 2000 km, the range can cover the South Korea and the U.S. military base on the first island. Experts believe that the CCTV released "rare launch video Dongfeng -21C", when South Korea announced "Sade" anti missile system deployed on the eve of a final address, or the meaning of deterrence. In addition, Japan some time ago have claimed to be ready to cruise the South China Sea, also in the East China Sea, some analysts believe that China announced "Dongfeng -21C" with.

experts said, "Dongfeng -21" this kind of medium range ballistic missile to attack the high cost of the airport target may not be cost-effective, is still the main target for high value. The use of "Dongfeng -21C" attack "SA de" radar and missile positions, it is precisely the war to deal with the "SA de" system, one of the important means.

"Pan Xing II" has a major weakness, in order to improve the precision of the terminal guidance, as well as the end of the maneuver itself lead to increased resistance, and its grounding speed greatly reduced, about 2 Maher. According to the existing technology, relatively easy to intercept. The United States has used the Patriot -3 successfully intercepted in the "II" based on the modified target. But this does not mean that the "Dongfeng -21C" is so easy to intercept, which is the "Dongfeng -21C" than "II" more advanced places. Shell

Dongfeng -21C more, according to the China missile technology, fully equipped with false targets for the electronic warfare equipment and improve the penetration probability. In addition, foreign countries generally believe that China is developing ballistic glide type hypersonic warhead, successfully can use relevant technology to upgrade the Dongfeng -21C, to further improve the penetration ability, to defeat "Sade" interception.

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