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< span style= "line-height: 1.6;" > this, is already a drag draft Monthly article. From August I did a break in the team to share the ice. I think, any job, we really do before, the most important is not communication, not methodology, nor is the adaptation of work methods, but, how do we define their own work?

If a person can not clearly define their own work, the only certainty is that in the course of implementation will encounter quite a lot from their resistance. This point, I believe that no matter if you have ever heard, can agree with its importance. Of course, before defining your own work, you might want to define ourselves. So this time is always thinking about a lot of philosophical problems, to explore the nature of many things. Heidegger once said: "

"philosophy does not cause any direct change of world situation. And all man's thoughts and schemes cannot be achieved." Style=

for people who are always in the pursuit of "practical value", this series of articles may not be suitable for you. I can say for sure that these articles do not help people to find a PM job, also can not help the products have been working to solve some of the practical problems. If it is not to say that the value of the words, may be in our understanding of the "product manager" of the essence, where we come from? Where will it go? These similar issues bring some ideas or inspiration.

"is only the product manager will use Wayne diagram to define their own"

Martin Eriksson with this picture is very intuitive to us this the product Manager at work, which is standing in the user experience, technology, the role of commercial center. In other words, we are in the middle of the sandwich, the need to face up and down the detailed communication, but also in the middle of the process oriented management and coordination.

if from the above point of view, we need to define the relationship between the three concepts and three.

User Experience

now the user experience is that many people talk about the noun, but few people know, this word is the people to a service of a relative, subjective one-sided cognitive description. We need one thing to know is that the user experience for the subject, not a product, App, website, or equipment is in direct contact with other people's entity, a service it provides to the user. When we focus on the service at the same time, means that we think the goal and direction problem, will not be limited to jump between the logic for a App page, the interface framework and layout, or a dish is delicious, an object is good with the whole process and so on, but also to think about this service. Style=

this series of factors that affect UE is present in the brain of the user and not only in our brain as a restaurant operator and manager. As a product manager, how do you define each of the key factors in this service, and around the key points to enhance the UE, it reflects your professional accomplishments in this regard. Style= margin: "1.3em 0px 1em


Product Manager with no need to understand the technology? It can be said that I have encountered the most problems in all related communities. Until now I have never thought of a serious answer, only to share some of my personal experience.

I majored in information management and information system". The profession in the early 90s was the introduction of China university education system, and as an important branch of management science and engineering, laying the foundation for the development of the information industry, spawned UFIDA, Kingdee, Neusoft and other domestic some old enterprise service company. What do we have in our class? In addition to the normal college curriculum, including professional: Computer Organization Principle and system structure, computer network, C++ programming, software engineering, information retrieval, information security, management information system, enterprise information resource management, operation principle and application system, data structure, database principle and so on. Style=

one of the most important help is trust. Style= margin: "0px 0px 1.2em important!

Product Manager's job, almost to communicate with all project related people. All the roles, and the development of personnel communication consumption of the time, there is no doubt to be accounted for the top three. Style=

business product manager, may often be put in "important but not urgent" quadrant. In the major Internet Co rank system, understanding of business, have also been put in a higher level of occupation. Including the network on the product manager of a variety of articles, business related to share, the general description is also less, or the definition is not clear. Style= margin: "0px 0px 1.2em

back to work, we often say that may not be the word business, but business, or business logic. Learn to define what you are currently doing, in which branch of the company's overall business, and how it can be of strategic significance, which can bring about the potential value of the company. If you want to do not understand, to ask the team's Leader, if you think Leader has limitations, to ask CEO is also a good choice. Trust me, your boss will like the staff, only to see that you are ready enough. Style= margin: "1.3em 0px 1em padding:; 0px

Product Manager Management in the end is what?

I think this problem is not only a new product, but also each practitioners, companies and products in different stages of development, often on the question of life.

you manage what is it? Style= margin: "0px 0px 1.2em important!

in the management of external affairs before the first to manage, is their own ability.

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the radar map Tencent PM rank system P1 P3. When we define our own content, it is worth looking at how others are defined.

Tencent rank is from P1 to P7, the capacity of which can be divided into: general ability, professional knowledge, professional skills, organizational impact. In all stages of development, also according to different emphasis on development, and ultimately to achieve full state.

we can refer to the above model, try to locate their position, find the lack of points, consciously accumulates corresponding knowledge and skills in the long-term work. (a detailed description about the ability you can see my previous article about PM growth system from occupation planning "margin: 0px style=

self management, product manager at least involves the following 5 aspects: "margin: 1.3em style=

demand 0px 0px 1.2em! Important;" > demand. Demand. Demand. Important things are to be repeated for 3 times。 No need two words, all things have no meaning. Style=

we need to make clear the first requirement, is a company's demand for product manager, and your demand for the company. This seems to be a correct sentence nonsense, but it is the most Base of our decision to enter any company before. Because the product manager is really a role even if the company does not have the job (at least in the short run). Style=

you can never wake a sleeping man. So in the entry before, friends, HR, CEO, any one can help you learn more about the company's business people try to talk some more, if not, you can try as a user to experience a business of the whole service process, to form their own judgments. If the company needs to recruit PM compared to the pit, the pit can be divided into 3 kinds:

  1. , open up new business - digging

  2. a piece of business -- and no one is in charge of the

  3. business is not good enough to do the digging for person digging

since there's always a pit, first look at the depth, which suitable for their own occupation planning, and then to jump. Style= margin: "0px 0px 1.2em important!

clear company and PM needs, business needs, product demand, user demand will follow. Style= margin: "0px 0px 1.2em important!

PM to bring the value of the enterprise, directly reflected in the business. Business oriented subject is very complex, may be the user, customer, business, partners, may also be their own team. In recent years, very noisy B2B, B2C, O2O, C2M and other models have just got up, essentially described the relationship between enterprises and their business entities, or the relationship between different business entities. How to meet the needs of your business, to achieve business growth, will become the core of your work. Style= margin: "0px 0px 1.2em important!

business, product, customer demand for the three, is an organic whole, can not be separated from the point of view. Meet the needs of products and users, is the basis for business growth. From this point of view, we give users not to provide products, in essence, is the service. We often say that the product function, in essence, is a service with the characteristics. Style=

What are your products to provide users with the service? Meet the needs of users? Whether the service has the characteristics of the specific scenarios to meet the specific needs of users? Style=

these three questions are the eternal question we need to ask ourselves when we make a product.

limit 0px 0px 1.2em! Important;" > from Leader perspective of the people, the future is likely to be Leader. Excellent PM the most people desire the ability, is the ability to let things happen, the same mystery. Restrictions that breed the ability to. Style=

regardless of work or life, every person living in a variety of restrictions all the time. Over time, most people choose to surrender to the limit. And PM is in the limit to find a breakthrough role. As we are drawing the prototype, the first step is to draw a box on the white paper, and then the endless box. Style= margin: "0px 0px 1.2em important!

restrictions on the management, to a certain extent, is also a kind of financing. Your Leader, is the object of your financing. When you have a new product idea, you want it to happen, you have to have the help of others. What help do you need? How to get these help? How to get after the time and resources to complete? Style=

these three issues are the eternal issues that PM must face when managing the restrictions. Style=

attitude, brave, not afraid of conflict, I think the most can help us to solve these problems, the characteristics of. A person's attitude really will affect others, this is not necessarily linked with the position. No influence of people, can only let other people's attitude affect their own. In the CEO and on the table, with the customer challenge, I always spare no effort. Of course, no brain challenge is not brave, reckless. There is no perfect thing in the world, what you got, you have to give up what. When others have to give up something, it will be a conflict. Not afraid of conflict, is your position of the firm, and your position, reflecting the value of your. So we often see some of the old good people in the group complained, do XX how so difficult. Style= margin: "1.3em 0px 1em padding:; 0px

now I ask you a question: "what do you need to communicate in your current job?" Don't rush to answer, think about three minutes.

see our answer is consistent: communicate, communicate with users, and colleagues (development, design, operation and so on) to communicate, communicate with customers, and cross department communication. Style= margin: "0px 0px 1.2em

these correspond to the up, down, to the internal, external, parallel 5 dimensions of communication. Each expansion said, there are many skills and examples. But today I want to say, not in these 5 dimensions. Style= margin: "0px 0px 1.2em

Product Manager of the most important communication, and their communication, the first off their own this. A teacher once said that a person can take out, is that he can do the best. At the level of communication, but also so, every word you say will freeze in that moment. So, never say never. Style= margin: "0px 0px 1.2em important!

"preparation" and "said" process, is the process of management communication. Including at least three elements:

  1. clear communication target

  2. communication required material

communication goal, means a series of actions, and reach a a clear, the two sides can reach a consensus on the results. As we received a new project, will split its complex needs into a small, distributed to each person can solve small problems, in every part of solution, re combined into a complex whole, to address the needs of the project. In communication, all the actions and results are two-way, simply say: I know you made clear the XX, you also know that I made clear the XX. XX is the goal, action, and result of your communication.

is still the best thing in the world. Communication, the other side of the attitude and willingness to reach a consensus has a key impact. Although there are some things we have to do, but at least we have taken up each other's time, it is worth attention. Do you think may be used for any communication material, without exception, to prepare, including but not limited to: historical allusion, quotation and past cases, common experience, reasonable metaphor, metaphor, deduction, reasoning and so on. The more fully prepared, the more confident in communication, the easier it is to let each other understand your expression. In the past year, I and director of the tear forced me the most is the place of frustration and growth, each version of the product concept, always be reasonable to reject rework, and as long as I say, there are at least ten words such as director of my argument. This is not necessarily related to age, work experience, showing a person's knowledge accumulation, the depth and breadth of thinking, the logic of the careful and the psychological spy on people. This kind of ability, studies the work all to learn not to come, can only rely on the constant communication, the ponder, summarizes the acquisition. Style=

target 0px 0px 1.2em! Important;" > originally conceived the framework, to "target" in the "communication" in front of, feel wrong, and put in the back. Style= margin: "0px 0px 1.2em important!

the management of the target is the management of the results of the event. Also mentioned above, when we receive a new project, the need for its complex needs of deconstruction and reconstruction, for every implementation of the details, that is, every thing, have the results.

is the result rather than the process

what is the result? When a thing has a definite beginning and end time, and is a qualified standard, it may ultimately be presented in the form of a result. There is no standard event is always just a process, in the work does not have the practical significance. Style= margin: "0px 0px 1.2em important!

(standard for the event before, after, after the condition of the decision. Some of them are established rules or common sense, there is no need to emphasize too much, and some are still need to communicate to confirm, and then to confirm the communication.

decision 1.2em 0px; border-left: 4PX solid RGB (221, 221, 221); padding: 0px 1em; color: RGB (119, 119, 119); quotes: none; >

A fork in the; "road

with the work, the trust of the team, will add more and more responsibilities on our shoulders, we must consider the level of the starting point, the relationship between man and other various dimensions of the problem will appear To this, decision problems we face, more like the picture below:

when we discuss the decision problem, in essence is the value orientation. What do we do at this time? Simply speaking, is based on their own control of the resources, in the direction of the relative right, the value of the best things to do. Style=

at the following three points, to say what they understand.

blinders, "margin: style=

global view of this concept is abstract, abstract to almost every boss to employees playing chicken blood will be used. They always talk to employees, you have to stand in the boss's point of view, from the point of view of the Leader point of view, to see things from the perspective of improving a level, you can understand the XXX. In my opinion this logic is untenable, when a boss say, itself is not standing on the level of thinking of employees, when employees every night to return home and family to eat meal, weekends are not carried out in normal social activities, things are not finished and how empty thinking in the boss's point of view? Style=

popular speaking, the overall view is standing on the point of view of all the people's point of view. From this point of understanding, thinking of the global view, it is not meant as a top-down, Leader, from each team specific do start to work, each person's responsibility, the overall goal of team development, the global problem of bottom-up thinking.

at this time, standing in the global view of the Leader, to everyone's hand on a busy thing, the current balance of more important things, choice and balance, choose a relatively correct direction, with the team get things done.

time 1.2em 0px; border-left: 4PX solid RGB (221, 221, 221); padding: 0px 1em; color: RGB (119, 119, 119); quotes: none; >

at the right time to do the right thing. Always have a list of things to do priority sort. There are many ways to help us do this sort of classification, for example, by drawing a coordinate axis in a matter of importance and urgency, and doing business management in the four quadrant. But the key to the problem is that it seems that there is a big difference between the important and the real. We judge a matter of importance or urgency of the key factors that affect our timing of the timing of the judgment.

as we enter in the search engine keyword, our algorithm will enter the keyword according to the semantic and part of speech, in the sentence structure is split in the database, most likely with the keyword related websites in order to show. The same thing, one thing to us, we will be 5W1H, SMART and other similar principles to analyze, make decisions. But this is not enough.

maintain their own independent thinking, first, quick trial and error, summary. Practice more, the timing of the grasp will gradually improve.

accumulation 0px 0px 1.2em! Important;" > no immediate work, no useless experience. We do things that are not accumulated, it is particularly important.

last year when the product, often do an iterative scheme, the team to focus on for a while on the line, after the discovery of the effect is good, this thing is over, the effect is not good, most can not find the reason. Whether the effect is good or not, this program to the value of the entire team, in fact, did not accumulate down.

later do each version of the prototype, every Bug, every demand change, ASO data analysis, optimization, user interviews and so on to every piece of work I can record things in different forms there is my hard drive, encountered similar problems after, these data are really helped me a lot. Style= margin: "0px 0px 1.2em

effective summary of the problem, there is a clear and complete understanding of the future of a certain day will reflect the unexpected value. I have always felt that everything people experience is wealth, even his own experience of being cheated, I have a special folder exists, analyzes their role relationship, business logic and deception techniques, for a long time, is also quite interesting. Style= margin: "0px 0px 1.2em important!

in fact, each of these views above, both need to accumulate, but also from the accumulation, but also is being accumulated. I have repeatedly written many times, in the middle of a variety of things have been interrupted many times, I do not know if these are correct, but it is my work nearly two years since the accumulation of. Perhaps, like many people always say that, I said is wrong. But I think as long as some people see this, can get a little inspiration from some of these sentences, understand some of the reasons that have not been understood before, it is worth.

end 0px 0px 1.2em! Important;" > we always think there will be a can be applied in all cases in the routine, well enough to let us in any actual work situation. Style=

in fact, life will never be the case. />

at the same time we move forward, don't forget to look to the left and look to the back. I think because of my existence, can let some people see around the scenery that has not been found, to see the back of the road in a hurry, there is some value. Life is nothing more than meet some interesting people, know some truth. If only for their own forward, then the interesting people will miss, and then a number of reasons, it will not know.

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