Qiao Renliang bad character? Sun Jian and Zhu Yilong resources?

Qiao Renliang resource

remenAPPpaixingbang· 2016-09-30 14:30:32

baby good night! See today you say to support me, until I could buy a car car, was moved to cry out!!!

cousin cousin, ask to chop my once male god Qiao Renliang...... A lot of people preach him to play big, character general... But is it really the case?

Qiao Renliang character is really general, impulsive personality, temper very stubborn, EQ is not high, after the debut has been blasting his black material, so the popularity is not very good, public image is very poor.


cousin, and grilled Sun Jian, he resources? A female friend to have no, will scarlet? How does it go?

resources in general, although played a lot of roles, but are basically small role, humble. In the circle there are still a lot of people are very optimistic about him, but to go on resources will succeed, and Yuan Shanshan is very good, when Yuan Shanshan was black, " has always been Sun Jian to accompany her, for her head.

. Dizzy, late today! Continue to beg for Qiao Zhenyu, cousin look at me!!

Qiao Zhenyu in the circle of good reputation, popularity is also good, but the team planning degree is insufficient, also not "line-height: 21.1764698028564px style= , so a lot of big production drama is No. two male. It is bad luck, has been delayed, finally Gujian fire, he also married, not to pass the scandal speculation not CP, the pursuit of each person is different, on the child a good wife.

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hissinging did not say, true temperament, loyalty also have a sense of responsibility. But the independent special line, slow, so it is easy to be misunderstood, don't love, throwing flowers had significant influence on him. And said it is also not suitable for entertainment, the heart of his career is not strong.


cousin, fast Scrabble Zhu Yilong, now please resources!

Zhu Yilong good shape, I am really very handsome, but fame and popularity is generally, if you want to have a few words with red circle powder can hit series as well. Style= color: "RGB line-height: (12, 12, 12); 21.3333339691162px white-space:; pre-wrap in his condition, the odds are still great. The person is very good, completely have no temper.

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