Korean media: the United States and 75 countries called on countries towards the off response

The United States North Korea the host country Secretary of state

huanqiuwang· 2016-09-30 15:16:22

" data figure: South Korea military exercises to North Korea demonstrations

Korean media: the United States called on countries with North Korea to downgrade diplomatic relations, completely isolated North Korea

South Korea "Central Daily" reported on September 30th, the U.S. government has been around the world to the United States the office issued instructions, request to the host country government cut off or reduced with the North Korean foreign relations, political request. This is the United States wants to isolate North Korea and the implementation of the super hard policy. Assistant Secretary of state

the U.S. government for Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel · Russell (Daniel Russel) September 28th (local time) said in written testimony submitted to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Committee hearings in the Asia Pacific, "this month (mid September) has been to the world the United States overseas office officially issued" to the host country government condemned North Korea fifth nuclear test and reduce diplomatic and economic relations with North Korea 'request instructions".

he added, "as of September 25th, 75 countries have issued a condemnation of North Korea's statement, and some countries have canceled or reduced the scheduled talks with North Korean officials or visit".

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