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wangyiyouxi· 2016-10-01 00:05:50

August circulated on the Internet, B.O.O.T electronic sports club CSGO team introduced the original CS1.6 period world champion into the team coach, the message, to today's mystery finally revealed. This morning, BOOT electronic sports club in the official Bo announced their new coach: CS1.6 period, the legendary Fnatic player DSN.

" CS many old game player will remember the legendary team of Fnatic, although more people remember is GeT_RiGhT Gux and the two was also is the new gun, but DSN is to bring them to the Fnatic guide. After joining Fnatic in 2005 as DSN's sniper and captain, excellent marksmanship and handsome appearance made him a star in the CS field of the era, in the introduction of GeT_RiGhT and Gux after DSN successful transition into the auxiliary, although before personal data is not so luxurious, but the Fnatic has become worthy of the name of the invincible the universe.


" Harley Orvall

Name: Nationality: Swedish


2011 IEM European Championships champion

2010 IEM global challenge champion

2009 ShangHai Railway Station Intel extreme Masters champion

2009 ESWC Electronic Sports World Cup champion

2009 KODE5

2009 WEM2009

2008 Extreme Masters champion Montreal station champion

2008 ESWC 2008 global finals runner up

2008 ESWC

2008 E-stars Seoul masters runner champion

2008 Kode5 world finals runner up

2008 NGL One

2008 SEC finals champion champion

2007 GameGune champion

2007 Extreme Masters champion

believes the arrival of DSN BOOT now can change the tactical system, as the first introduction of foreign coaches team, BOOT's future performance is expected. In recent games, BOOT play are unsatisfactory, and this also let people see the creative transfer BOOT to change.

and DSN also added to China gaming circles caused a certain impact, and with what can happen, the introduction of new ideas and the possibility and the actual situation of China Corps perfect fusion, tomorrow is a mystery, but I hope DSN BOOT can be brought to a new height, Chinese gaming can also have a further development of

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