The porter deducted 30 yuan wages stabbing boss stabbed the boss

Li Mouqi admissibility judge driving testify immunity

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< p align = "center" >刘年夫开“示范庭” 审命案搬来自行车作证

< p class = "pictext align =" center "> courtroom < p < p align =" center ">刘年夫开“示范庭” 审命案搬来自行车作证

< p class =" pictext align = "center" > court testifying to the remote witness hit the mosaic to be protected.

Guangzhou intermediate people's court is gradually changing to show the evidence to show the evidence in place of evidence, cross examination methods. < p > recently, the Guangzhou intermediate people's court Dean Liu Nian Fu in the 11 court hearing the case of intentional injury, a bike is bailiff onto the court. "The presiding judge, now produce the defendant Li Mouqi left at the scene of the crime of the bike." The prosecutor presented to the court the origin of the bike, to prove that the day of the defendant how to reach the scene of crime. < p > in addition to a bicycle, a bunch of keys, a piece of iron rods and the defendant left at the scene of a black leather shoes, such as physical evidence, were in court for display and be cross examination. Another injured victims appear in court to testify, a witness in the video to testify in the room through the mosaic screen remote testimony. It is understood that, at present, the Guangzhou intermediate people's court is pushing forward the reform of the court trial, is gradually changing the past to show evidence to show evidence of the court to produce evidence, cross examination. < p > < strong > cause

< p > < strong > just because of the detained 30 yuan wages

< p > < strong > porters stabbing boss stabbing boss

< p > the accused person Li Mouqi 58 years old this year, from Guangdong Puning. Only a third grade education. He was tall, just hearing soon cried: "I do toil, find a home with wages."

according to the indictment, Li Mouqi in 2015 to a logistics company in Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, the eight Party Logistics Park as porters. In July 2015, Li Mouqi to the logistics company as porters, a monthly salary of 4000 yuan. Dry for 10 days, July 17th night, his wife Chen learned that Li Mouqi and another worker fight, then called Li Mouqi to work to find her the next day, he immediately said, "not to do."".

for second days, Li Mouqi found the boss settled wages. Boss Chen, Li Mouqi in the first night two hours ahead of time to work, to be deducted 30 yuan. According to Li Mouqi, and Chen had a dispute, but was persuaded to open. Has not get wages, Li Mouqi very excited. In the afternoon, he found the boss and boss, no fruit.

in July 18th 21, Li Mouqi riding a bicycle, with a fruit knife, once again came to the stall to pay. During this period, Li Mouqi due to pay the amount in question and the boss couples a dispute, hence knife holding Chen to the logistics park management office, the boss Wang stepped forward to stop, Li Mouqi knife repeatedly stabbed Wang, Chen fled the scene after. Wang fell to the ground, after rescue invalid death. < p > after identification, the Department of Wang was sharp induced injuries to the left chest and back, the left wrist, resulting in left lung rupture and left ulnar and radial arteries completely amputated, lead to a loss of blood shock died. Chen, his chest and back scar laceration, 20.5 cm long, the degree of injury for two minor injuries. < p > court, Li Mouqi several degrees and wept bitterly, saying himself by coolies to do to earn a living, the wage settlement boss said he had to work in advance to pay the fine. That night the two sides again after the dispute he took his wife to the police room on the road, was the boss Wang and others in an ambush and stick to beat, to get away before holding a knife to fight. He said he was playing the scene but head broken and bleeding, but did not show his blood to extract. < p > < strong > site

< p > < strong > evidence bicycle court

< p > < strong > remote witnesses testify screen technology to protect

< br / > "your day is not riding the bike to the scene of the crime?" < p > "yes." < p > court cross examination stage, the prosecution referred to Li Mouqi in crime scene left a bike, the bailiff really will a car broken bicycle evidence to promote court show. Li Mouqi admitted that the car was riding that day.

in addition to the court appeared on the bike, in order to identify the facts, the case of the injured Chen also came to the court to testify. Chen said that the incident that night, Lee was excited, suddenly took out a knife, grabbed her chest of clothes, a hand with a knife to help her go out. Her husband Wang took the iron bars to play Li Mouqi, but also did not play to the Li Mouqi, Li Mouqi with a knife stabbed stabbed her. Then she saw the assassination of her husband lying on the ground. < p > and Chen to testify in court is different. Another witness logistics company staff Wang Mouyang, is for the in video testimony indoor long-distance testifying, when the court to play the picture as a witness, the witness was beaten face mosaic to be protected.

according to Wang Mouyang said, he heard the office that night very noisy, and workers in the past to see, found Li Mouqi with a knife hijacked the boss. < p > "I see he grabbed the boss and went to pull him, he kicked my foot, I pulled him, he and kick the my foot, also said tonight you who meddle, I will kill anyone." Wang Mouyang said, out of the stall in the office, he saw the boss Wang took a stick to beat Li Mouqi, he will stop the boss. "He's going to the guard's room and let him go." Wang Mouyang said he thought they would not have anything, not with the past, who knows the past, I heard something happened.

court also played the crime of multi video surveillance video to be quality. < p < p > < strong > Dean "fan Ting" require court show evidence

< p > reportedly, the next witness, expert court testimony and other measures will enter the normal track, < br > < br > reporter found that since 2014, in Liu Nian Fu in the trial of cases of major cases, are required to witnesses, expert witnesses to testify in court and court show murder weapon, pants, stolen goods, cigarette butts and other exhibits. Moreover, Mrs. Liu Nian presided over the trial procedures are standardized and complete by the Criminal Tribunal Wan Yunfeng called "demonstration tribunal". In the past cases is the trial, Guangzhou court judge in the gallery in case of.

in February last year, Wan Yunfeng has revealed that the president opened the show van, the real intention is to promote the reform of the court trial. "In the future, witnesses, witnesses and other witnesses to testify and other measures will step into the normal track, on this basis, the trial as the center of the reform of the system of criminal proceedings will be gradually fully open." Wan Yunfeng said that Guangzhou two court has in some important cases comprehensive popularization of this approach, including murder, can be punished by death of a serious criminal offense, after a review of that key evidence questionable cases. < p > Wan Yunfeng introduced at present, the Guangzhou intermediate people's court has issued the "Guangzhou City Intermediate People's Court of criminal cases appear evidence procedures guide (Trial)", to appear in court testify personnel range, the immunity of witness, testify before the program, judicial personnel protection and subsidies to testify, witness and perjury were carried out more detailed provisions. Especially to witness the judicial protection and economic benefits, the guide has a clearly defined, for some involving national security, fear of violence, gangs, drug-related and specific identity background and personal privacy of witness can apply to the court for a special judicial protection. At the same time, the reasonable costs incurred for the witness appearing in court, the court shall bear the.

according to the Guangzhou intermediate people's court statistics, in 2015 the criminal cases, witnesses appear in court to testify the 100 81 people, the victim appeared in court to testify in 541 481 people, 12 of the 12 witnesses to testify in court. The Guangzhou intermediate people's court is gradually changing previous pictures to show instead of evidence show evidence to the court, cross examination way, the key material evidence or the prosecution and the defense of the controversial evidence, require the prosecutor or the investigation organ directly in court to produce original evidence and direct cross examination by the prosecution and defense, in order to judge more accurately and intuitively identified evidence admissibility. < p > Wan Yunfeng said < p > < strong > court presiding judge handling the case has become a "new normal"

< p > posts of once the ground, into the amount of the president, the president must do more cases < p < p > from the announcement of the Guangzhou intermediate people's court hearing, the reporter found that, in addition to yesterday to hear the case, Liu years husband will also on April 27 as the presiding judge. The trial of first instance theft case together with the immense amount of. In addition, in May the court schedule, Guangzhou intermediate people's court, vice president of Sujan, Liao Ronghui, discipline inspection team leader Wu Xiaoping and other leaders will be presiding over cases and trial are major cases of crime, financial disputes. < p > according to the person in charge of the Publicity Department of the Guangzhou intermediate people's court, after two years of time, the president of the college, presiding judge handling the case has become the "new normal" and handling the number of tasks, the contractor to the difficulty of the case is still increasing. Especially in the full vigour of life of the chief judges and associate chief judges, basically undertake major cases, the bone was the task. In January of this year, the Guangzhou intermediate people's court public hearing hearing the bribery case, former deputy governor of Hainan Tan Li, as the presiding judge is the vice president of Liao Ronghui. < p > according to the statistics of the Guangzhou intermediate people's court, in 2015, the Dean, vice president, members of the judicial committee, President, vice president settles the cases of various types of 2398, an average of 42, in which case the most over the 120.

but, for those in the leadership position of the judges, the greater the test may still be in the back. According to the reporter to grasp the situation, Guangzhou two courts have been included in the second batch of judicial reform pilot. This also means that the court of Guangzhou personnel system reform is imminent, once the posts of landing, the judge handling the case reduce, into the amount of the president, the president must do more cases.

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