DNF a new trick to cheat 23 90% people will be deceived

Then the game currency I subtitle

tuwanwang· 2016-10-01 01:51:02

thing is this, the update yesterday, just in the hands of a more than 200 million game currency to sell, then shouted a few speakers to sell the game currency, so, a lot of people m me.

what is this, update yesterday, just hand a more than 200 million game currency to sell, then shouted a few horn to sell game currency, so a lot of people m I.

here only post con whispering, there are many other people.

! YY channel the same and different people. I (8 to several people committing the crime this is something not to mention)

so I came to YY I,

I see yo this is not my area of famous Anderkin group, the gold group name horn often see

(at that time did not suspect a lot number later later proved to be false cheat my T only to the screenshot visited

channel) into the channel of a orange horse VP received me (this is a liar)

channel with gold stick the gold group 1 frequency as like as two peas, what gold group frequency 2 there are people. The main trick to


this person and I have confirmed the proportion of the problem, and then said online banking transactions, because online banking inquiry is very troublesome, I can not say Alipay

or WeChat deal, he found an interface with the past,

#p# #e#

and changeline is subtitled to find him a ghost cry, "

" usually unfamiliar transactions are 1 or 5 Fastest try water, he said that the first 20 direct

here soon, I asked the name of bank account and mobile phone number, then channel OW came up and asked him and collect the money game

is the first to you, ah, he said no, never mind, two people make a nouveau riche coins impression, then he said picked up , let me check, my text message this time also came.

bank fast query is not the transfer, balance is not added, I said not to, then they have to say something in the credibility of what, say the transfer message to what can not be wrong not to say, also never mind, I will say to you, then OW said may cross delay what

, then we three in that I also inadvertently put the sentence the net transfer can call back no treatment before, they say it is not possible to transfer can recover ah, do not believe let me call, I made a ha did not care, (in fact, I've seen similar news)

for ten minutes, the money came, I put to him (liar game currency trading May bear really hit, I want to win the trust of the

) and then lie behind the man said and turned 30, bank SMS again, I checked or not, he said, must be cross delay, just to you, will certainly to the text remind you of this can not be wrong,

I have a little wary, I said to the money will give you the

, then the three of us in that, after a while or not, they began to say that I do what I said. I said, I will not send you the

, after a few minutes I almost do not want to wait to give him time, this liar told the OW that the orange horse is too ink and then give me T,

my face Meng than (in fact, this time I also realised that they are thinking of game currency is not to cheat

after a few hours I check the transfer or not today, I still have no, and then I call the bank customer service, it is not known for the first time I do not have to account for the time is not right.

realized that they are liars, to contribute, in fact I didn't remind you what is deceived, don't be fooled this trick.

" later in the bank account of the SMS is also a problem, I gave him the post card, if the account should be postal 95580 to remind me, the hair is indeed a liar to transfer to the industrial and Commercial Bank 95588 reminder SMS

" on this morning to see the horn to see the gold cluster YY channel to know that gold is the imitation of the

group last hope it is best to everyone with the transaction website transaction while some trouble is cheated.

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