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with the addition of GPS and 50 meters waterproof function, Apple Watch Series 2 "movement" greatly strengthened property. For those running and swimming lovers, a new generation of "apple" is still very attractive.

but for most people, the change of Apple Watch Series 2 more concern is replaced with a brand new S2 dual core processor, apple officially announced that its performance is improved by 50% compared to the previous generation. This change has a direct impact on the overall experience of the use of the watch.

believes that a lot of the first generation of Watch Apple users like me - almost no use of any third party applications, more time is to receive notifications or viewing time. One of the main reasons is that its application loading speed is too slow, smooth and general. The good news is that after the performance dramatically, a new generation of Apple Watch finally let people play "application" impulse … …

" new "apple" has been worn for a long time, I choose several good application experience to recommend to you, perhaps for being "cash" to help you.

1. breathing - a simple and effective application of

"breathing" is to join the system with watchOS 3 applications, which can help you in 1~5 minutes of breathing training. It sounds "nonsense" -- "who is not breathing ah! But in fact breathing training has been proved to be a simple and effective way to relax, widely used in the daily training of athletes.

"breathing" is very simple to use, according to the vibration of the watch and the screen display, assist you in a regular period of time to breathe. In the use of the same time, watch the heart rate sensor will work at the end of the training will tell you the current resting heart rate is how much. Class= img_box "

" in the habit of this application, I can not do without it. It is still great to use the subway gap at any time before the lunch break.

2. - "the beast riding riding enthusiasts wrist table"

unless you have a mobile phone fixed on the handlebar, otherwise it will often forget to open software riding. In contrast, Watch Apple is very suitable as a carrier to ride the application, especially the new generation of watches in the GPS module after joining, you can completely ignore the existence of the phone.

Apple Watch "although with physical training" can also record riding sports, but you need to find the corresponding option in the list to open. If you're a cycling enthusiast, the wild animal's "simple and crude" might be more suitable for you - open the application and click the "Begin" button to start recording.

also, personally feel that the beast riding interface should be better than the primary application of Apple Watch.

3.iReg - turn watch recording of the hidden skills

new generation Watch Apple to improve the number of microphones to 2, presumably the effect of speech recognition and voice messages have been improved. Unfortunately, Apple has not officially launched the watch end of the recording applications, but the use of this "iReg" can be turned on this "hidden skills". Class= img_box "

" why do you want to use the watch recording? I have two scenarios: one is currently on recording at any time in the interview as a supplement to the mobile phone or the recording pen; in addition can also be used to watch for voice memo, a lot easier than typing. Note that the watch recording value is always open, but it applies only to within 1 meters of the source, the distance is too far there is a lot of noise.

watches on the recording will be automatically synchronized to the iPhone, and can be shared in a variety of ways to go out.

4.Memorado - brain training games

in the trial of some of the Watch Apple games, I only left the Memorado. This is a small brain training game of a watch, through the "memory" and "color" and "try your luck pop quiz" three columns to train the brain's memory and reaction force.

" if "breathing" is to help the brain to relax, then Memorado is let it keep vitality. Limited by the size of the screen, game applications Apple Watch hard to do well, Memorad this game is quite suitable for the.

I like to play a few games on the board at the time of the flight Memorado, now look at the flight attendants will not prevent me in the take-off and landing stage to play smart watches.

5.Stocard - in the watch on the management of your membership card

because Pay Apple did not join the bar code, two-dimensional code to pay the function, the current can only meet the "flash" application scenarios. Stocard for Pay Apple is a very good supplement, it can put your all kinds of membership card digital storage to watch, and in the form of bar code to show it.

Stocard" coverage of the membership card is quite rich, including Starbucks, Decathlon, IKEA, Watsons, Carrefour, RT mart and so on. With the use of Pay Apple together, you can quickly complete the payment of the watch, and now even the members do not have to take out a mobile phone.

in my test, the current majority of businesses are to support the scan bar code membership card, so do not worry about its compatibility.

6.Streaks -- help you develop a good habit of

Streaks essence is the application of a habit, but it can also be derived from the to-do list, schedule reminders and other functions. For example, you want to develop the habit of flossing before bedtime, can be set for a task every night to remind and named "floss every day in your watch, can set time to remind you to do it.

" in Apple Watch by displaying multiple tasks circular icon, click can finish it quickly, the action is very convenient. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to manual operation, Streaks also supports automatic completion of the task. Because it can call the system's "health" application to determine your exercise time, standing time and other data is up to the standard.

7.Seven, a 7 minute exercise at any time "

" for 7 minutes of exercise of white-collar workers is very attractive, not everyone has the energy, perseverance to come up with a complete time in the gym. Seven allows you to watch with help to complete a 7 minute exercise -- heave You'll see. what to do next, so you don't have to do at the same time the action frequently at the mobile phone.

" but the advanced function of Seven is required to pay the monthly need to spend 30 yuan to unlock all the exercise. But you can try the free tutorial first, and then decide whether or not to pay the money in the end.

8.HeartWatch - advanced version of the "fitness" record

have to say, Apple Watch comes with a "fitness record" has been perfect, through the rings in different colors can be very intuitive to show the activities of the day. A step on the "img_box

HeartWatch" on the basis of this, it can further analysis of the data and to "dashboard" and "form" cartoon villain. In particular, "cartoon villain" very interesting, when you get up in the morning he is a "little fat man", when the completion of the training objectives of the day after he became a standard handsome guy even superman.

" although the watch is still unable to present a "cartoon villain" effect, but HeartWatch provides sleep monitoring options in the watch end, which is currently the Apple Watch platform for the application of the few have this function.

9.iHydrate - a good drink is very important

although a lot of people always take "drink plenty of water" Kuro Naoo, but the regular drinking water for health is indeed beneficial. Sometimes we work a busy often ignore the water, until the response came in the mouth parched and tongue scorched; or fitness you need to record the amount of daily drinking water recently, iHydrate can help you.

" like Apple Watch comes with the "standing" to remind, iHydrate will also timely push alerts, tell you what to drink! In addition, you can also take the initiative to record the amount of drinking water, fruit juice, milk and other beverages also have the corresponding options.

also, in my opinion this kind of application is not only to remind you to drink water only, more important is to get up to go to the water cooler itself is a relaxation process for a long time, these workers are valuable. WeChat

10. "small signal" - the "Apple table" exclusive function of

is WeChat in the end, because I was not recommended by WeChat itself, but a Apple oriented Watch exclusive function of small signal.

" as long as you put the WeChat friends to join the "watch" contacts, click on his head to send a small signal. They will receive a "XXX" you are looking for when they pop prompt, click OK after you will receive a prompt delivery. This feature is currently in addition to Apple Watch no other equipment can be realized, and it is high priority, regardless of each other in the interface will pop prompt what. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" "small signal" what is the use? If the person is busy with other things forgot to reply to your WeChat, you can use this function to remind him of it; you can also use this function to judge whether another didn't see your WeChat or don't want to talk to you … &hellip

; as you can see, watch the applications mentioned above actually than in the end, many mobile phone simple function design, but in some application scenarios but to better operating efficiency. Because compared to the mobile phone, watch the advantage that it always wear on your wrist, can be the first time to present information, for the operation, many of the original mobile phone to take out the operation now lift the wrist click two to complete the. The performance of

to achieve all this depends on the watch itself, a new generation of Apple Watch in the configuration is very good, although many people only pay attention to its appearance has not changed.

" finally want to say is that the learning process of smart watches actually than mobile phone long, even after a few months you can let it serve you well, Apple Watch is the same -- this is a slow tune in the process, I believe you will find the most suitable for their own play.

in this paper, the appearance of a part of the watch image from the Wareable, the watch screenshot tool for Enframe.

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