Hongkong billionaire Zheng Yutong died of illness at the age of 91


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" Zheng Yutong

Beijing time on Friday (September 30th), according to Bloomberg news, the Zheng family by email announcement that Zhou Dafu and the New World Development Group founder Zheng Yutong last night due to illness before dying peacefully, family always accompany me.

family related announcement, funeral arrangements will be announced later.

"Sing Tao Daily exclusive coverage, Zheng Yutong called" Tong Shu ", as the founder of new world development, whose father was a businessman in Guangzhou silk and gold Zheng Jingyi, businessman Zhou Zhiyuan is a fellow and friend. After the outbreak of the war of resistance against Japan in 1938, Zheng Yutong dropped out of school to his future father in Macao, Zhou Dafu jewelry gold line work, he was married in 1943 and Zhou Cuiying, and in 1956 inherited Zhou Dafu. Zhou Dafu's first four nine gold (or gold into 999.9, 1964 and Seda) De Beers has bought a diamond stone embryo license of the company in South Africa, entrance to Hongkong diamond.

1950 years, Zheng Yutong has been in Hongkong Happy Valley to build the blue pond villa and the construction of the Hong Kong Mansion in Tongluowan. Zheng Yutong in 1968 to buy a lot of real estate, in 1970, Zheng Yutong and Yang Zhiyun and other jewelry Xian David sin Wai Kin have cooperation with the industry, the establishment of new world development, 57% owned by Zheng Yutong. In 1971, new world development to HK $130 million from Swire purchased Kowloon "blue chimney" site, and in 1972 listed on the Hongkong stock exchange.

Zheng Yutong in 2012 2 at the end of the New World Development announced the retiring chairman of the board of directors and executive director, succeeded by his son Zheng Jiachun. (source: stnn.cc)

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