In January the seven year old dwelling for the children of a forest of tussah


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2016" in late September, Liaoning Dandong Helong Manchu Township of Helong village, 70 year old Zhou Jingwen in the mountains for the children of a dwelling. Four years ago, 20 years of stocking tussah Zhou Jingwen suffering from osteonecrosis of the femoral head, to a back seat, 130 acres of tussah forest over to his son Zhou Shengtian to take care of. That year, Zhou Jingwen 66 years old. However, let the family can not accept is that Zhou Jingwen not only refused surgery, especially in more than a month after every autumn picking cocoon, like dwelling in a shack mountain.

" Zhou Jingwen said, "see the mountain this work, can't sleep too long at 3 o'clock to get up to sleep for a moment, don't lost big cocoon. My son said that next year mumble doesn't want me to go up to hire, that may not, next year if my body no problem, or will not allow him to hire. "

"to see the mountain of more than a month, Zhou Jingwen's son Zhou Shengtian is three meals a day to drive to the mountains. Zhou Jingwen then cut for three meals a day two meals a day or even a meal a day to send three meals, too much oil, "because my father mean what one says at home, Zhou Shengtian is only in accordance with the requirements for father's room.

stand tussah cocoon" mountain is Zhou Jingwen's position, saying this week is to keep their king. "This year the price of cocoon up, a pound of fifteen six yuan, but cut badly, 130 acres of silkworm to bar out 3000 pounds of big cocoon, more precious ah, in which hand owe pilfering, then how much money ah. "

"end Xunshan to his shack Zhou Jingwen difficult.

" is to the car big cocoon is the son of Zhou Jingwen Morita week. "My father is too stubborn, the whole family will not start from the sick stubborn him. He asked the doctor, the operation can not be dead? The doctor said no, but you have to walk on crutches. My dad to listen to someone else so that had a reason, the hospital does not live, who said it would not. In fact, I know, he is distressed me, do not want to let me too tired. "

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