The question is difficult to parry the Japanese Defense Minister for the first time congress respondent was asked to cry

Japan minister Parliament Yasukuni Shrine

tengxunjunshi· 2016-10-01 07:37:20

" data figure: Japan's defense minister Inada Tomomi

of the original title: question difficult to resist Japan's defense minister for the first time congress respondent was asked to cry < / strong>

in new network on 1 October, according to Japanese media reports, Japan's defense minister Inada Tomomi in September 30th to accept the members question unable to resist sustain the blows in parliament, tears on the spot.

9 30 is for the first time since Inada Tomomi became Minister of defense defense in the offensive to the Congress, she is the largest opposition party, the Democratic Party of Japan will 辻 yuan; Kiyomi born 辻, Kyoto; elements of "cannon" said.

she is in question, first asked to answer rice to have published the need for Japan to develop nuclear weapons "to speak the truth, and asked her to formally withdraw this against the peaceful state will speak. Rice fields in a series of questioning, has been refused to withdraw their own speech.

this off it after 辻 Yuan asked her in August 15th of this year, in order to avoid the Yasukuni Shrine, suddenly in the 15 days before departure from Japan to Djibouti to inspect the SDF, that at the national memorial meeting does not appear on the "defense minister" of the shadow, a move to draw further apart with her own has been emphasized "respect his soul" remarks, to tell her the reason why do not fulfill their promises.

in answer a few times, results in 辻 yuan; constantly ask, could not help choking up, in tears.

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