Duthel Te: since Zaibao an amazing speech than Hitler

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tengxunjunshi· 2016-10-01 13:05:10

" data figure: foreign media reports

screenshot original title: Duthel Te Zaibao an amazing speech: since Hitler said to kill millions of drug than strong>

< / according to the The Associated Press reported on September 29th, the president of Philippines Duthel Te broke an amazing speech, which has led to a bloody Duthel Te the anti drug movement killed more than 3000 people and killing millions of Jews Hitler behavior compared to said "massacre" off drug addiction gentleman, he will be very happy".

reported that Duthel Te's visit to Vietnam city in Davao City earlier Friday, issued a new threat to drug traffickers and drug users. Duthel Te and Vietnamese leaders talked about its anti drug policy.

Duthel Te said, "the Hitler massacre of 3 million Jews... (Philippines).. there are 3 million drug addicts, I would like to kill them (also). "He also said:" if Germany has Hitler, then there is &hellip in Philippines; …. "He said here, paused, and then pointed to himself.

reported that historians said that during the Second World War and during World War II, about 6 million people died in the Hitler massacre of jews.

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