IPhone 8 with OLED? SHARP will pass the apple supply panel

Apple SHARP panel screen

tianjiwang· 2016-10-01 15:28:14

despite 7/7 Plus iPhone debut less than a month, but the media has long looked to the apple on the phone next year, began to speculate that the machine will be configured to configure a variety of new features. There is news that this Apple phone will be called iPhone 8, the machine or configuration on the OLED display, while SHARP is likely to become the Apple's screen suppliers.

iPhone8" with OLED? SHARP will supply apple

panel according to Bloomberg news, the news that apple and SHARP are OLED to commence negotiation. However, the report does not indicate whether SHARP will become the main supplier of this phone screen. According to Apple's habit, the technology giant will usually cooperate with a number of suppliers, it is unclear whether the two sides have finalized the relationship, it is not clear whether Samsung, LG, Japan Display will work with apple.

if the news is true, then the 2017 version of iPhone will be the first time with a OLED screen apple phone. Currently, Apple's products are only Watch Apple enjoy this material screen. There are rumors that Apple launched this year, Pro OLED will use MacBook touch screen.

according to Apple analyst Guo Mingchi forecast, iPhone 8 will return to the classic before and after the glass shell design, and the body around the use of stainless steel metal frame reinforcement.


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