Never go on fighting, Wang Jianlin to accelerate the withdrawal of real estate!


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as the process progresses, Wang Jianlin had said, by 2018, Wanda will no longer have the real estate sales revenue, is expected to become a high probability event. This step may help people realize, he always wanted to tear off, but has been firmly attached to the body of the estate label. He's running a race against time.

unprecedented warning

in our yesterday's hero, the latest strategy locked to be more focused on real estate and other related business. Today, our hero is in almost the same time on the real estate industry issued an unprecedented warning. According to media reports, his words are quite straight to the point, and said: "this is the largest in the history of


this person is the most wealthy impression of the real estate business, but in fact already no longer want to do real estate Wang Jianlin. This is what he said on Wednesday when he accepted the CNN finance channel (Money CNN). Estimates that even if you don't like him, you will like him. Even, super love.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally there is a man who is willing to say a word! What is important is not to understand, but to understand and to speak, and to speak!

visit, Wang Jianlin said he was not worried about a hard landing China "(economic collapse may be snow)", but his real estate so capricious and split worries: shows between the lines he worries northward deep main city house prices rose almost out of control, also worries many vacant housing of small and medium-sized city still hovered at the amount of double low slump.

on this round of the "inventory" as the core of the real estate development, I wrote several articles did not dare to then straight from the heart, today, Mr. Wang's guts to speak out. This is a matter of course has been seriously away, "to the stock" of the big policy into a "up house prices" as well as the intensification of a variety of uneven hair".

real estate has not Wang Jianlin dishes, so he really worried that the sexual intercourse if not good, will let everyone be safe.

" he said, "China economy has not yet bottomed out, if the removal of the lever is too fast, the economy will further damage. So, we have to wait until the economy is on the rebound, and then gradually reduce the leverage and debt. And let him worry is that did not see a good solution to this problem, the government would like a variety of measures, such as the purchase or credit limit, but there is no effect. "I want to

, he said," the question "should be neither rapid deleveraging, don't let prices mad. Because these two things are great, playing bad, could backfire, and burn the body. He did not say may also include in this dilemma node, how to choose properly, will be the test of intelligence.

Wang Jianlin how to choose his own and Wanda's future and destiny, in fact, has given the answer. The outside world also gave a lot of reports and comments, if you want to real estate as the core word, I put it summed up as: big retreat - large transfer.

on the industry retreat, to other industries and the transfer of adventure.

has been the transformation of

sustained about 16 years ago, Wang Jianlin had still not to rush in the residential real estate man's life and family possessions have anxiety about , and then began the first retreat Wanda in the industry, is also the first time transfer.

this story he has said many times: in the past, two old employees got seriously ill, the company spent a lot of money to make their lives to continue.

at that time, come up with such a large sum of money, or to make Wang Jianlin a little distressed, although it is willing to take. He wanted to love dearly ah, engage in residential real estate in a project by project, if the day does not receive the project, or the house sold, the company will be weaned crisis, wages can not afford to send, but also look down on disease. "where can I find a stable cash flow? Feel real estate do not fly. "

"disturbed Wang Jianlin to safe places to go, so he now seems not climax, even foreplay have just started on the occasion, to fade from residential to commercial real estate. "" to the real estate restructuring, we feel that after the construction of real estate, its assets are in constant appreciation, and there is a stable cash flow. "

this transition is not easy, according to his own memories, the transition from residential to commercial real estate, Wanda was in a few years when the 222 defendant, is a single store in Shenyang have repeatedly demolition reconstruction, pay 900 million yuan.

for a long time, "betrayal" residential him like a troubled cow pull out residential who drove a Ferrari sped away from the side. But even so, Wang Jianlin is the firm belief, continuous improvement, continuous review, continuous destruction, and constantly reborn, eventually develop a set of commercial real estate law, and the achievements of the world commercial real estate giant, also the achievements of the core competitiveness of a Wanda Plaza is a city center, to allow the governor and mayor are chasing his running .

rely on commercial real estate flagship song, Wang Jianlin sang a new era of wanda. But after the upper floor, his heart is still not practical.

still comes from the real estate. During this period, although the transformation of commercial real estate Wanda extraordinary achievements, but the real estate is still supporting the core, and even the residential real estate is still a major profit.

once, he believes that housing is not a long live in the industry, the commercial real estate to a considerable height, he also believes that the commercial real estate or real estate run out of two words, is still not evergreen.

Wang Jianlin said that he analyzed the history of almost 10 countries, the United States, Britain, France and other developed countries, the real estate industry is basically a mature period of 50 years. After this Kaner, development, the real estate industry large-scale demand, supply and demand will decline, the real estate business boom is coming to an end.

many industries to Chinese, as long as fuckedup, will get up quickly, everyone rushing headlong into together, neat and quick, put people for decades to walk the road go through more than ten years.

Wang Jianlin, I am afraid the real estate industry is also this view, from the heart that its rapid development of the boom period will only be shorter than these countries, not long.

and enterprises to long period of stability such as a problem, must not think of nature, but to be a rainy day.

so Wang Jianlin decided to seize can also obtain high growth and high return schedule from the estate, while continuing to enjoy the real estate climax, while no real estate companies can still have strong growth and layout and cultivated land.

Wang Jianlin did not go to the layout Lazi, pondering how to let 1 billion 300 million people eat good things, perhaps because in his opinion, it is a thing of the past, but these industries have old drivers everywhere, Wanda has no special features and advantages.

after he turned to satiate the rich and the leisure, 1 billion 300 million people to engage in what new meaning of the new field, and finally locked: culture, tourism, sports etc. these new industries focus more on the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. Class= img_box "

this is probably about 10 years ago. Since then, Wanda began to earn money in the commercial and real estate, continue to transfer these industries. These industries, in the developed countries have long enough to eat and drink, have a mature system, the market is also full of old drivers. Wang Jianlin was both a student and a teacher and a boss, who eventually became their teacher and boss.

as long as Wanda has advantages, can learn from and even beyond, you can get their own domestic from zero start, he put it back, change out of their school, the first in the country to dry, dry, then try to do the domestic international.

as long as Wanda feel that both international and domestic, they start from zero as stem with other resources and conditions of people standing on the shoulders of direct dry, he bought it, with Wanda wisdom and Chinese characteristics, domestic and international.

so many years to dry down, Wanda in these industries do a world series, even the world's first "big deal", also in the real estate industry to lay a piece from the outside can be evergreen in jiangshan.

" today, Wanda, but not the world's largest real estate companies, is the world's largest five star hotel owners, but also Chinese largest cultural enterprises, the world's largest cinema operator and the world's largest sports company. In the last one or two years, Wanda has also quietly dried out one of China's largest network of financial enterprises.

the biggest behind, Wanda has been in real estate in the end how much, here no longer say, interested friends can go to its website review. But rely on these big, if the real estate thing, if not particularly big thing, Wang Jianlin was me become gentle, I am not afraid not afraid.

"these are the longevity of the industry. Cultural tourism is a typical. A the Imperial Palace for more than 600 years, a the Great Wall more than a thousand years. I joke, culture and tourism resources have been occupied, at least a few hundred years, for example, the Great Wall is now the the Imperial Palace which enterprises themselves, you worry about it? "Has been in the industry to get a lot of the longevity of Wang Jianlin, in a share will be so confident. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" to these industries, whether they started from scratch, or bought the. Wang Jianlin has insisted on its core strengths in addition to the outside of the capital, such as brands, experience and ability to make Wanda own characteristics and skills. Did Disney

in addition to propaganda tourism, is the global hegemony but also take soft cinema operations, and only do high-end industry in the sports industry, including members of the Wanda may also relatively new Internet Banking (called Wanda financial network), Wang Jianlin and even the names are not the same with others to call. The

network is based on their own financial Wanda is trying to build the Internet system, to become "the world's largest Wanda Commercial O2O platform fifast", and put forward a goal to subvert the traditional credit model.

Wang Jianlin said that the world bank's loan is basically the two models, or mortgage, or credit. Wanda to build a cloud collection system with independent intellectual property rights, you can master the cash flow of all businesses online. rely on this big data, they can conduct a credit assessment of the business, and then completely change the credit model: no mortgage on the loan can be.

" today, "who fly" in addition to covering all Wanda businesses, has become an open platform, attracted a lot of other commercial centers and businesses to join, and plan for the next few years covering 7-8 billion consumer groups and 2 million businesses. Wang Jianlin even boasted: "

company has formed a consensus, Wanda future value of the largest plates are flying all around the world, because no one organization can do have 7-8 million consumer groups and 2 million merchant data.

and when the race retreat

Wanda Group official website, the first sentence is: "Wanda Group was founded in 1988, the formation of business, culture, Jin Rongsan industry group, in 2015 the assets of 634 billion yuan, 290 billion 100 million yuan of income. " real estate, this once Wanda signs, has been affixed to the body of the big label, has no place.

the corresponding is, at the beginning of 2016, Wang Jianlin in the deployment of Wanda work objectives, will take the initiative to the outside world that originally can achieve 200 billion revenue of real estate revenue by 64 billion, reduced from 164 billion to 100 billion, a 40% cut, almost cruel to self cut! From the group's budget revenue will be reduced by 12%, their own to an unprecedented negative growth.

" two words behind the estate lopsided, estate income is substantially lower, Wang Jianlin led Wanda from the real estate industry continue to retreat, in other industries, big attack, ate chengtuo iron the heart, do not rely on "reliable" real estate, and other industries rely on Sustainable achievements of his international Wanda, a hundred years of enterprise.

as early as 2015, and even earlier, Wang Jianlin on the public speech: Wanda to the income from real estate class down to 30%, to a more thorough transformation, it is no longer a real estate enterprise. Although he has said that he was not particularly optimistic about the real estate, but only as Wanda do long-term needs, but the determination of the real estate has been never fighting shows between the lines.

in order to achieve the goal, in 2015, 15 years ago from residential real estate to retreat, commercial real estate transfer Wang Jianlin, Wanda recently 10 years in longevity depends on industry layout support, decisively to do subtraction which reach the summit of the world's commercial real estate, real estate also started the evacuation efforts.

but he is not to reduce the operation of commercial real estate scale, speed, on the contrary, he will have more, faster operation of commercial real estate, he is reducing the commercial real estate investment and risk, but also earn money to buy a house in return. During

, Wanda proposed to put the "real estate" from 3 to 5 years, a business development company or business services companies, the strategy is to build their own from before the commercial real estate business of commercial real estate, commercial real estate business only to , it is already in the push to Wanda Commercial real estate asset light model.

what is light assets? Wang Jianlin's explanation simply and directly: that is to use other people's money. This is mainly through two ways to promote. The first is the direct mechanism, institutions directly with the signing of Wanda, give the money to the Wanda Commercial real estate to cover. After the end of the cover, the agency when the owner, Wanda to operate and sub 30% of the rent.

in January 14th this year, Wanda business has successfully done the first such a big deal. The same day, the company reached an agreement with China Everbright, and at Harvest Fund, Sichuan trust and money company, by the four companies invested 24 billion yuan to build about 20 Wanda Plaza, Wanda to run after by cover. In addition to

money for Wanda Commercial real estate for losing weight, Wang Jianlin also don't pass on money, this is the second way to raise public light assets. Wanda has launched a "money 1" project financing, 5 billion cover Wanda plaza. The introduction of the project, quickly put the share sold, also with 5 billion chips was seckill records.

for the thorough to the real estate, Wang Jianlin also let Wanda plans in 2017 after the opening of the asset transfer of all assets. He said: "this means that we will lose a part of the development of profit, also can not get the benefits of asset appreciation. But we pain determined, the abandon will abandon, do not develop profit, but also do not increase the value of assets.

through the maximum weight loss, Wang Jianlin let Wanda Commercial real estate operations in the brand, resources and capacity to get the maximum release, but also to the business sector in the development of more rapid. Because in the past to build their own

square, to support the expansion of buying a house, or a short-term return in support of the model, the way to a small city do not turn, because prices can not support the rapid recovery of the cost, even if wandezhuan, their money is limited, spreading itself too much too soon it may flow.

now this change, do not develop a profit, only commercial rent. Although the loss of profits from the house, but also save the house prices need to support the burden, and in the long run, will be extended to all Wanda Plaza can provide support for the local rent. lose their development profit and the value of Wang Jianlin his own abacus. "I managed for others, 30% three is 90%, and I have no risk, and more sustained. "

"because the paradigm shift in the commercial real estate investment is less and less than their own past Wanda, but also run fast, much faster. It also let Wang Jianlin have emboldened to challenge the new target: within five years to the level of the city and county of the main Chinese sweep a circle, shielding competitors as soon as possible.

"a four million people in the city, Wanda built in the center, others even have the guts to go, it would be extremely difficult to live. "He said.

more and more of the Wanda Plaza springing up, Wang Jianlin said he was going to real estate, which seems to contradict the existence of logic here.

Wanda to build a world famous brand of Wang Jianlin, has been hoping to get sustainable development and profit through the brand output. Commercial real estate asset light, so that his small target, in the field of the most good, is to achieve the.

to promote the process, Wang Jianlin had said, to 2018 will no longer have a real estate sales revenue, expected to be a probability event. this may help people realize, he always wanted to tear off, but has been firmly attached to the body of the estate label. And now, he's running a race against time.

2005" since gold prices took off in 10 years, the achievements of today Chinese estate bought what glory, but in the real estate economy is the important support of the China economy, become big and strong, there is clearly a long distance.

now, we should have come to a "key node" on the.

in the key cut section, share 10 years while real estate developers, there are still people to spurt, has been in the fast turn, others pay close attention to the shore, there are people in the back, I do, how to do?

in the middle, who is more sober, who has been blind? Who is more correct, who is confused? Who can win? Who will lose? Who laughs last, who would water water dead, Cleverness may overreach itself.? Who can write the story, who will become the accident?

this is their business, but not only. Class= img_box "

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Never go on fighting, Wang Jianlin to accelerate the withdrawal of real estate!


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Never go on fighting, Wang Jianlin to accelerate the withdrawal of real estate!