Putin rumored girlfriend appeared wearing a ring also brought two baby


tangcuguoji· 2016-10-02 05:41:49

" comprehensive foreign media, the former Russian gymnast Kabaeva Ariana in Moscow recently appeared, with around two boys, triggered a new round of upsurge of gossip. Kabaeva has been rumored to Russian President Vladimir Putin's lover, the doll appeared, foreign media have suspected that is Putin's secret family appeared? "(please indicate the source, more exciting content from international news channel of WeChat public Tencent" sweet and sour "(International): international news from Tencent)

"British" Daily Mail "reported that Kabaeva appeared in a figure skating competition the side of the audience, with two children, according to witnesses, she was wearing a wedding ring. (from: Tencent International News)

" witnesses said Kabaeva tried to hide the ring in front of the camera. However, as early as last October, Kabaeva was photographed wearing a ring finger ring finger. (from: Tencent International News)

" Kabaeva did not explain his relationship with two children. A Russian online media claims that Kabaeva has had children, but no one knows the identity of the child's father. (from: Tencent International News)

" British "Daily Mirror" claimed that Kabaeva is believed to be the lover of Putin, her two boys are likely to be the first exposure of the Putin children. However, there is no evidence to confirm this speculation. (from: Tencent International News)

33 year old Kabaeva had denied the relationship with Putin, the scandal began in 2008 two. Divorce three years ago, Putin himself, as in the past to carefully conceal mentioning his private life. (from: Tencent International News)

" in May last year, there are rumors that Kabaeva has been pregnant for loose clothing, but again after five months appeared to have recovered a slim figure. About her always reported whirling. After Kabaeva had said in an interview, she met a man I love very much, but refused to disclose his name, also said, sometimes you feel so happy, so that you feel fear". (from: Tencent International News)

" Kabaeva with the baby appeared again undoubtedly triggered a new round of gossip tide. Because Kabaeva took baby photos taken in Russia's parliamentary election on the eve of the gossip may even have some influences on Russia's election. (from: Tencent International News) class= img_box "

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