Man who want to poison the dog accidentally shot a friend with a mouth to help both the drug poisoning


chutiandoushibao· 2016-10-02 05:42:04

9 month 29 evening 21 o'clock, the door of a hospital of Laohekou City, a Sichuan accent woman chasing a man shouted: "confound package, package... 3..." the hospital security guard on duty immediately after hearing the news, the man arrested and the police. With the police interrogation, together with the use of toxic cyanide fled theft dog case gradually surfaced.

investigation, the hospital security arrested Gongmou man, 35 years old this year, the Department of Fushun County of Sichuan Province, after crying woman Jen, who Liangping County Department of Chongqing city.

in July this year, the resident in Laohekou City, Chongqing man Lee, a yin to invite fellow Laohekou City workers, intended to contract the local taoyuan. But in fact, they did not contract in Laohekou Taoyuan, just rented a family in the hospital. During the period of yin and met online through QQ Gongmou Gongmou told a Yin he is a veteran of stealing a dog, and can use the crossbow. So, two people meet in the old mouth to steal the dog. Then, a Yin bought from the Internet to shoot the dog crossbow and cyanide lethal, Gongmou train from Sichuan to the estuary.


29 evening, Lee driving a Yin couple to Gucheng County train station to pick Gongmou, then four will discuss the way in the old river mouth returned to steal the dog, and the division of labor, Lee is responsible for driving, Yin a sitting in the copilot to find the dog, Gongmou sitting in the back seat is responsible for holding the crossbow shooting dog. That night, on their return to the 316 national highway bridge head, found a dog in front of the car, then take the Gongmou crossbow ready to fire, but due to improper operation caused a touch insurance lethal cyanide fly out, stuck in the right shoulder at a yin. When is a Yin Gong Fu off, with the mouth to help him suck the poison out, less than 2 minutes, a Yin appeared muscle weakness, brain coma, Gongmou was not open mouth, and dizziness. Lee rushed to a hospital, immediately drove to a Yin Laohekou City treatment.

" suspect lying in a hospital bed

to the hospital after Gongmou fear kills, alone to escape, a Yin wife Jen hurried chase out and shouted: "bag, bag, bag," he reminded the package did not take, then there is before the scene.

at present, rescue by a doctor, a Yin has been out of danger, and Gongmou, Lee, was the police administrative detention.

police suspect driving in the car, also found other tools of crime, the case will be further digging.


hospital on duty security guards on duty because of courageous hospital, to make the case finding and cracked, will be submitted to the Department for comprehensive Samaritan award. Class= img_box "

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