Navy's twenty-third batch of escort fleet visit to Burma

Navy Burma formation major general

zhongguohaijunwang· 2016-10-02 18:50:04

" Chinese Navy network in Jakarta on 30 September, (Cheng Minglu, Qian Hong, Xu Xujia) at p.m. local time, completion of the Gulf of Aden Somali waters escort mission naval escort fleet twenty-third arrived in Yangon, began a period of 5 days of the visit Burma.

15 when Xu, formation slowly on the Yangon port terminal. Burma sea ships dock base commander major general, Ukraine sensitive training base commander brigadier general Anzole and Burmese army soldiers on behalf of the sea, our ambassador to Burma, a staff of the embassy and Chinese funded institutions and overseas Chinese representatives of more than 300 people to the dock to meet. Subsequently, the Chinese and foreign personnel to participate in the welcome ceremony of the formation of the Xiangtan ship and Zhoushan ship.

it is reported that during the visit to Burma, the fleet commander will call on the Burma naval base commander brigadier general Ayeyarwaddy Tettnang, governor of Yangon Province, such as the military and high sensitive to drift, some officers and representatives will visit Myanmar navy training base, and went to a local orphanage condolences activities carried out. Formation will hold a deck reception, Xiangtan ship and Zhoushan ship will be open to the Navy officers and men of Burma, the two sides will hold a football friendly and other sports activities.

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