In the face of soaring prices, the old can gnaw is life

House price winner life wealth

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a few years ago everyone was attacked "eating the old family, but now that the past few years, those who rely on their own" start empty-handed "are still struggling to win no car no room, are basically before the family bought a house of" eating the old family. In the face of soaring prices, the old can gnaw is life.

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's article "raistlin my parents are still struggling, but you can't tell your parents you are struggling so" by a NetEase No. change the title, in the NetEase news. Here is a very interesting comment, is so to say:

year filled with blood and independence and resolutely do not eat the old do not take home money to buy a house for young people in 2016 to come out two steps? There is no green intestines regret feeling? When I graduated from the home to buy a house, get married and set a big, and a few years later, with the help of two people bought a few sets of investment houses. Never bite the old saying, as long as the young people visit correct, advance the concept, take home money no feel shy. The traditional idea of the Chinese people is to take the family as the unit.

although he does not agree with his attitude, but have to say that he is indeed the fact that.

in China, those eating the old house, and earn a lot of money, and now the whole family lived a good life. And those who rely on their own bitter forced to fight, the poor have to ring, a loan, parents often do not think you know, but will be more desperate.

but more often we don't have the old.

in the face of soaring prices, the old can gnaw is life.

yesterday and people chatting, said there are two things that have been challenging our cognitive limits, one of which is what teams dare to lose Chinese football, second year is said to collapse, mid rise more powerful Chinese prices.

friend said if we do not stop buying China men lost from the past, we are now a multimillionaire. I said that if we borrow money from ten years ago to buy a house, we are now a billionaire.

"and the ten million rich, is not the Shanghai inner ring an ordinary house money? "

friends speechless, I do not know how to say on this topic, only embarrassed smile, move on to the next topic. Class= img_box "

this is the latest price in Shanghai.

from more than and 10 years ago to now, the price of digital will continue through the psychological barrier, every time we think this is not rise again. "Every time out" Chinese expert and Rose's real economy cannot hold "when the price lines are severely beaten. All the people with real face.

and Shanghai prices soared to 100 thousand from the sale of new inner point, and the same as the international metropolis of Tokyo has not much difference between, in some areas the price of even the Tokyo far behind. However, Tokyo's per capita monthly salary of nearly 25 thousand yuan, is three times in Shanghai. (to a According survey conducted by Ministry of Health Labour, and Welfare in 2014)

do you think this is the end of the?

of course not, open the news to see, will find that they are still too simple.

[Songjiang the most expensive land "img_box"

" week Pudi Wang

in Shanghai people to Jiading, Songjiang, Zhoupu, the three places no concept of what, say simply, these three places are outside the outer ring, the morning rush hour traffic jam, from here to work downtown, as far as to another world. However, here, Shanghai's per capita wage of 8800, hard for a whole year, probably can buy a very small bathroom.

know almost on @ to be evaluated on this way:

such prices, the pendulum is to let you suspect that your own reason, so you start to doubt life. But more than ten years of experience has proved that the prices are also rising skeptics who have already been beaten face reality bloodshed.

this is this is so capricious, are you all empty car, still continue to wait? Be or, not to be to?

this is the situation of young people facing the first tier cities.

now look back, these years of real estate sales to you are actually said to be true, to buy a house on the White House to earn a few million, really buy a room to buy the future. However, we did not listen to go in that year, often feel that they are a liar, thinking that the money in the hands of reason to hold tightly, until they are all in the M2 has been turned into a pile of waste paper.

is really a fool to the third degree. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" high house prices in the compression of our living space at the same time, it also brings new values. For example, once the media criticized the "neet", now not many people mention. Because eating the old has become a norm, and even the old can chew on the life has been a winner. Before

is a popular phrase called "parents are still struggling, and you show off in poetry and distance", two days ago has an article called "you out so much money, your parents know? "The article is very fire. However, these articles in addition to our filial piety to parents expression meaningless outside in the circle of friends, because of their young people in China living state description is not accurate.

some people think that young people now have to rely on their parents to provide their parents, can buy a car, you can have a decent and extravagant life, but the truth is that parents can provide a house down payment is already a lucky family. When is your parents don't more money to buy a house, after a few years of wealth that not many parents will be skyrocketing price dilution completely, and you use their money to buy a house, which is the largest life savings for a first pay.

after all, in China, this decade to see, there is no more value than the first tier cities real estate, more crazy investment products. These crazy to purchase real estate for only a few people can have, crazy if you don't neet, not his parents' money together into it, so that the whole family is willing to be the social stratification, it is the family's biggest unfilial.

will undoubtedly make their parents have a very hard, and if so you still have a bitter word, will make parents more sad. So many times the reality is not "parents are still struggling, while you are in the show of poetry and the distance", but "I'm on the outside too bitter, afraid to let their parents know", "parents are still struggling, but you can't tell your parents you are struggling so. "Because let the family know that they dare not dare to eat. There are those who are not afraid of death but the real fear of illness, that the high medical expenses after discharge to death to the elderly and crying for grandpa to stay in the hospital for young people.

some very tragic case, search will be able to see the news, I do not say.

although I haven't used my parents for a penny since I graduated from college, I understand that the family is the one for the kids. That is not the exploitation of their parents, but the struggle of a family who does not want to be thrown out of the society. After all, for most people, the house means that accounts, which means better education, more easy entrance, better quality work, and even more impartial justice. The

class in fear, many parents are two of four people, live frugally for a lifetime, finally get a suite of money. Two elderly people in the real estate license to see that moment, finally pleased to laugh. And you look at the two old man's smile, as if to see 30 years after their own.

is in fact you want more, if China's economy had not been so chicken down, after thirty years, you still have a mortgage, do not have too much savings.

9" on Sept. 20, Shenzhen listed *ST Nanjing B issued a notice that the company to be publicly listed by Xicheng District Huai Cypress Street transfer Beijing city Beijing property exchange building 11, the -201, the -202 two sets of real estate, if this two real estate can be sold, then the odds *ST Nanjing annual losses will increase greatly, because the two suites purchased in 2004, the total price of 1 million 290 thousand yuan, and now the valuation in accordance with the market value of more than 28 million yuan, even according to the low valuation, reached 22 million 720 thousand yuan, 12 years, 20 times the value of wealth.

1800 many people's communications equipment manufacturing company, only to sell two suites will be able to turn a profit. On the one hand, we staged a "industrial country, real estate development" black humor. On the other hand, it's a very normal thing. Because, like this company, a year's profits are not as good as a set of ordinary real estate listed companies have 627, accounting for 20% of all listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen two.

listed companies a year profit can not buy a suite and not a piece, but the real deal is happening. And this house is not luxurious, in fact, so long, very common.

" for listed companies to profitability of the real estate

friends have said that all this is not to sell the shell to buy a house, no wonder the performance is not good, years of losses. This is not entirely a joke, but practical advice.

", the central bank statistics data show that the first half of this year, individual housing loans has volume 2 trillion and 890 billion yuan more than last year, the size of individual housing loans. 16 listed banks, as of the end of 6 in 2016 the size of personal loans, has reached 13 trillion and 670 billion yuan, the size of new loans up to 2 trillion.

this is very high, it can be said that both the national economy and personal assets, and the house is tightly tied together. If more than ten years to maintain the rapid economic growth of China is a high-speed rail line, the land and house is on board the train tickets. There is life on this car


some people easily on the seat looked at the scenery outside the window, some people will be good with sludge, crowded to the door; some old couple with a lifetime of effort, trying to make their children go from the window, some people running in the car, ran to scold, finally did the news.

no one knows this train can not always open so fast, but also no one knows this train will not turn. But everyone knows that if the train is over, everyone will be done. Especially those in order to get on the sustenance of the life belief of the people, who are in the flesh dry, their tears and blood, no place to say. The

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