SKT on a single Duke: we are a great chance to win the championship

Champion win opportunity focus

tuwanwang· 2016-10-03 00:31:08

fans wait already for a long time, the SKT team finally debut in the global finals, against C9 in the first match in the team, they overwhelmingly defeated his opponent, the San Francisco night sounded a thunderous applause, SKT clan shattered all about the team before the rumors that

" in the SKT team fans wait already for a long time, finally debut in the global finals, against C9 in the first match in the team, they overwhelmingly defeated his opponent, the San Francisco night sounded a thunderous applause, SKT clan shattered all about the team rumors before the game. Before the game, a lot of people think this is a game SKT team well-matched in strength, have been significant decline in the summer season, the C9 team in the playoffs in the golden state. These two teams have similar advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, they have a very strong single player, team C9 Jensen with personal ability strong and well known, this season has become a smarter and more spiritual players; as for team SKT Faker, is considered to be the best single player the world has won multiple championships. Meteos

SKT team recently starting playing field players Blank and C9 teams are weak, due early to exert pressure map criticised him since the spring to improve but with his teammates or general, played not radical. Whenever talking about the weakness of the SKT team, Blank is always the worst one, he can not give a map of the advantages of the team, often in the wrong time to make some mistakes. Meteos is too radical, but his operation is not the top level, but with many years of experience, Meteos has a chance to suppress the Blank SKT team to play, however again their veteran enabled in the global finals, the bench playing field players Bengi.

"I really don't see the other criticism, so I can not understand the others that we underestimated what it means," SKT team single player to win the game after Duke said in an interview, "I think the opponent in the global finals as the performance of training during the games, so I don't know after this game, people will look at how we. "

"in the game, all the audience's attention in the fight on the road, because the two teams of the single player are very strong, and the C9 team single player Impact was on the SKT team single player, the other members of the old SKT team is very familiar with his style. To return to the field with his former teammate Bengi famous irith bring impressive performance, help Duke build advantage. Duke, a player who is considered to be the strongest in the world finals in addition to Smeb.

Impact is a former SKT team member, so I respect him very much, "said Duke," in his recent game there are many single kill, so my goal is to beat him in on line during the beginning I have some pressure, but the Bengi helped me, or I won the final. "

and Impact on line development, Duke is also due to fight on their own and not pay special attention to the map, the transfer and use is not good enough and criticism, which often leads to SKT team missed the opportunity to open the group. "I think this is a visual focus of the problem, I have been looking at the road, but since the summer season I have been on the line stage as much as possible to focus on the whole map of the dynamic. SKT team is a less command, their decision of the team. "

in the game against the C9 team, Duke Jess to give a lot of pressure on the face of the map, he quickly support the game in the game allows the SKT team to control the game. Duke is not only the first-class single player, team SKT is the state to pick up the team, they enable Bengi after the early invasion of wild area put a lot of pressure, but also help online team advantage, slowly get towers and wild resources leading. In this game, Faker is not the focus of the C9 team, they focus on the road, Impact really played his personal ability, but the whole situation is under the control of the SKT team.

"the single and the playing field are inseparable, and the hero version has changed a lot, the road is no longer a tank type such as Jess output burly chap, hero is back," Duke said, "Jess, although the injury is very high, but he's very brittle, so now I got to hand a lot in these situations. A lot of time in the training game. In the 1V1 to fight my Jess will not be afraid of any hero, but I have a fear of the opposite side of the wild gank. "But

with Bengi and SKT support team, Duke is not the whole team to show the menace from the rear, strong coordination, the final SKT corps as a king return, crushed everyone on the earth will reign in doubt. Duke finally said with confidence: "I think the SKT team is the greatest team to win the championship. "

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