Fan Bingbing Li Chen affectionately on the TV show of affection, absolute and dog food

Li Chen Fan Bingbing show loving affectionate

19louyule· 2016-10-03 07:18:07

" two days ago "I am not Pan Jinlian" conference, Fan Ye and Li Chen inadvertently spilled food...

" Fan Bingbing and Lee Chentai whispered, high sweet little action.

" Li Chen Hanxiao, Fan Ye but so shy.

" Fan Bingbing and Li Chen "img_box class=

" is to drink in front of Fan Ye is a black girl without alcohol. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" eyes and actions are so natural and consistent.

" there are two people or so by his girlfriend Ohguro Ushi do not worry. Class= img_box "

do not know what Li Chen said, even so Fan Bingbing shy to cover his face. Many still show affection. Perhaps in front of the beloved person, Fan Ye can not keep to become a small woman!

" where is Li Chen Fan Bingbing's escort. Class= img_box "

" walk on the road, Li Chen also must hold Fan Bingbing's hand.

" Fan Bingbing love soup. Li Chen drying out in micro-blog, and lamented that this time to go home and a bowl of soup, full of happiness. Class= img_box "

Fan Bingbing's birthday, Li Chen with her beloved pink to create the most fantastic surprise.

" can also be out of sugar. If pushing a luggage, Fan Ye can also staged a "free hand would kill". Class= img_box "

Fan Bingbing also drying out two people drive a photo. Two people are wearing black, wearing a black jacket, wearing a baseball cap anti Chen brother open car is very handsome, Bing Bing leaned on Li Chen's shoulder up his domineering, looks happy and satisfied. Class= img_box "

Li Chen in micro-blog show his own and Fan Bingbing's photos. Photos of the two people wearing a pair of sunglasses, facing the camera with a smile, is really cruel to a group of single friends.

" Fan Bingbing show at home everyday: the legs on the Li Chen body faceless still show affection! "

" Fan Ye down the stairs did not stand up around the big black also frighten a jiling. Class= img_box "

fortunately, Li Chen reaction, a hand to help Fan Bingbing. We look at the two men's face! Li Chen and Fan Bingbing are still suffering from the shock happy little woman's face, a super sweet &hellip field; … food on the floor with wood?!

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