Samsung Note 7 to return to South Korea shelf still won the first day of sales exposure

Samsung note Korea shelf

tengxunkeji· 2016-10-03 07:21:22

" Samsung in South Korea yesterday to restart the Galaxy Note 7 sales, while South Korea is 7 users of Note still keep the huge enthusiasm, after a month of Note7 fire in the battery after the incident the resumption of sales, sales performance is still eye-catching in the future, the performance by the market concerned. According to South Korean media reports, Samsung Electronics 1 in South Korea to restart Note7 Galaxy sales, the same day SK telecommunications, KT, U+ LG and other three mobile operators Note7 total sales of 21 thousand.

South Korea's telecommunications industry generally believe that the "hot mobile phone" judgment standard for a single day sales are more than 10 thousand, while the first day of the Note7 on the first day of the performance is surprising.

industry official said, in the battery fire incident before the purchase of most users in the recall period selection switch, and a small number of users choose to return, then it can be seen that currently on the market and no rival Note7.

is expected to visit South Korea before Note7, iPhone7 will continue to maintain a good sales momentum. Industry sources said, the user to Note7 itself to be a higher evaluation, in view of the first day of sales performance, sales are expected to easily break through 10 thousand.

Samsung Electronics to Note7 Galaxy new battery icon to enlarge the 30%, the color changed from white to green, and in the new box side printed black box logo, so that users recognize the new product is safe.

new ex factory price of 988 thousand and 900 won (about 6000 yuan), there are coral blue, platinum gold, titanium silver 3 color options, agate black version of the fastest available on the 7 day.

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