Alyssa Chia third is still pregnant women: the 3 is limited edition will not regenerate

Alyssa Chia limited edition dinner be pregnant

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want to have a baby boy? Alyssa Chia: "no, we just like kids." Will continue to live it? She said: "these 3 are limited edition, finished on production!"

贾静雯第三胎仍怀女:这3个是限量版 不会再生

Alyssa Chia 2 pm

arrived in Taiwan on October 3rd news, according to Taiwan media reports, the 41 year old Alyssa Chia and 9 year old Shiou got married last year, gave birth to her daughter does not she announced on Friday that it does not, then pregnant daughter, "do" ultra-high efficiency. Yesterday she ended Beijing Taiwan, wearing a white blouse, walking faint glimpse 4 months pregnant belly, brisk pace, look good. She revealed that Shiou was happy to hear the news and said: "too good, but also a daughter." Want to have a baby? She replied: "no, we just like children." Will continue to live it? She said: "these 3 are limited edition, finished on production!"

Alyssa Chia is pregnant does not does not gained 9 kilograms, 3 months postpartum almost 46 kilograms of prenatal lean back. Currently pregnant more than 4 months of her, but lost 2 kg. She arrived at noon yesterday, declined to take an airport shuttle car, brisk walking and customs clearance, the staff chatted on the lovely foreign children.

Shiou Le more female Taiwan customs over 3 months pregnant can be released more than 4 months, why? Alyssa Chia explained, "we are more traditional, more stable, feel for the said." She said she was pregnant so far, the body does not have discomfort, I have been working, but also quite grateful, are very healthy."

she 3 are girls, want to have a baby? She said: "we just like children, let nature take its course." Shiou does not love does not hear, then pregnant wife daughter, very happy. Alyssa Chia said: "my father like this, will love the girl, the girl very spoiled, so he was very happy." But through her agent said, the limit is 3 births, which after birth is not viviparous.

in Beijing on behalf of the class Patty Hou Alyssa Chia recently went to Beijing for Patty Hou on behalf of the class "temptation" presided over the dinner, in appearance, show loose clothing, paunch, also let Joey Yung stretched out his hand and touched the belly. She said, this time on behalf of the class after going to rest at home for a child, but her next month and endorsements work stoppage when pregnant? She said: "just started, and now it is too early to ask." "Dinner" staff revealed that Alyssa Chia, A Jiao and Joey Yung talk about love and marriage, but also to share the wonderful feeling of pregnant in October, suggested that 2 people don't find a surrogate.

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