Affected by the fog in the 7 provinces, dozens of highways closed

Fog Lian Huo expressway expressway Wu Ying Beijing Shanghai Expressway

yangshixinwen· 2016-10-03 09:55:02





河南:G4(京港澳高速)、G30(连霍高速)、G40(沪陕高速)、G45(大广高速)、S38(新阳 High speed), S83 (lannen speed) and S8311 (North Nanyang beltway), S89 (high speed machine; West Hubei: G50)

(Shanghai Chongqing high speed), G70 (S5, Fu silver high-speed) (Wu Ying speed);

(Hunan: G55 two, G60 (Guangzhou) Shanghai Kunming high speed), S50 (Changsha Shaoshan Loudi, S61 (high speed), S70 (Lin Yue speed) with high speed S91 (Lou), the new high speed hole).

above the closure of the road is expected to return to normal at noon today.

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