He went to the barber shop to spend 30 thousand "out of sympathy" 9 do card


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Modern Express News (reporter Sun Yuchun) in the barber shop consumption, many people have encountered by the service personnel selling card recharge, some are because of the sensibilities of some cheap, is often the last charge one thousand or two thousand yuan. Recently, Nanjing Jiangning Mr. Ruan express to reflect, called himself a beauty salon in order to recharge 30 thousand yuan, every time I go to the store to do a few health care kit, but there is no practical effect, but feel guilt is cheated, insisted the store refund.

for the first time into the store to do a VIP card

Mr. Ruan to work in Nanjing is not a long time. In May 3rd this year, the first time he went to a beauty salon in the international general road near to the barber in the wash process, Mr. Ruan said the other beautician recommended him for the facial moles, "10 mole to charge 2000 yuan. They say if you do card, moles as long as 300 yuan, the bath always free, beauty salons 70 percent off! "Mr can not be tempted, handed over 10 thousand yuan to do card.

but 10 thousand yuan is not a long time consumption, by May 13th the third time he arrived at the shop, beautician told him that his waist often ache, waist recommended ginger cure kit, card charge 4980 yuan. In May 17th, the fourth time to the store, he again recharge the. This time, it is found that the beautician Mr. Ruan waist acne more, and the stool is not good, it is recommended to do the back of bee venom and bee venom gastrointestinal kit, a total price of 9960 yuan. So, Mr. Yuen and dig 10 thousand.

a cry for the customer to do card?

in May 28th, he went to the store sixth times, at this time he bought a set of boxes have three kinds of. "But at that time the beautician and begged me to say once during the hub performance, emotional control, said if not complete the sales task, will be fined raw pepper, balsam pear, jump in the lake. "Mr. Yuen told the modern express reporter, out of sympathy, once again recharge 5000 yuan.

but after that, the shop beautician also proposed to let him do fourth sets of box - Hip Detox kit, was rejected Mr. ruan.

last two times, Mr. Yuen is the first time in the eighth consumption of two thousand recharge again, "forced" to do a back thorn. According to Mr. Ruan said, this time, or beautician pleaded with him, I can not refuse to recharge.

in the ninth, the beautician offered him another card, he poured a charge of 3000 yuan.

to ninth times after the end consumer, according to the statistics of the shop and the customer himself, Mr. Ruan and kit of nearly 2/3 did not do. "I see, they set the box is set to do, one did not finish to start to recommend the next, and finally put me to set in the. "According to him, the five time to do card is different beautician handling, some beauticians have left the shop.

shop responded: are the customer voluntary consumption

9 23 in the morning, the modern express reporter came to the barber shop and customer. For customer complaints, barber shop responsible Zhang said that the money customers recharge, most of it is used in the beauty of the project. Beauty has the function of maintaining the body, so the price is higher than the haircut. "The customer many times, at present the gold card recharge card balance is only 4000 yuan. "The last office plus a $3000 card most can be returned, the store is expected to be refunded 7000 yuan. As for the existence of

request customer card beautician case, the shop responsible person said, do card is the customer voluntary.

market supervision and administration: prepaid consumption should be carefully

on the matter, Mr. Yuen also to the Jiangning district market supervision and administration of Economic Development Zone Branch complaints, the branch is also timely intervention. According to the relevant law enforcement officers said that the matter belongs to consumer disputes, to say the shop or induced consumption of fraud, that is their own expression, no definitive evidence. But for the shop kit antecedents of legal compliance, they will investigate.

law enforcement officers remind, apply for a prepaid card, to be cautious in the beauty salon, especially large, to check whether the person holds a valid license, whether the scope of the operation, the employees hold qualification certificates and qualification etc..

(editor Gao Miao)

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