Mother Michelle Chen dessert skin look good.

Skin mother Michelle Chen look

beiqingwangyule· 2016-10-03 19:21:43

10 3 Michelle Chen micro-blog drying out two pieces of her bestie do dessert photo. In the photo, she wore a dress, holding a green tea flavored dessert, and intimate photo bestie. Another photo, she is holding a green tea flavored pineapple cake in front of her face, white skin, look very good. Fans call: "pregnant mother is more and more beautiful, you do want to eat dessert! "

Michelle Chen said in a micro-blog with the text:" I do tea flavor of pineapple cakes super delicious, do you believe. "A lot of friends naughty message said:" anyway, do not eat, do not believe, do not believe! "There are also fans shouted Michelle Chen:" hurry up good craft, do in the future for the baby to eat! "

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