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2014" in September 21st, pointed out that the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the 65 anniversary of China people's Political Consultative Conference at the inaugural meeting: "the government in Xing Shun, the government waste people at the counter. "(Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xueren perturbation)

government of the Xing, in the popular. Government waste, in the reverse of the people. Popular in the world, lost people who lost world, this is the everlasting truth of history.

in the beautiful West Lake, the G20 summit in Hangzhou sing the magnificent chapter China "do the world economy tide". Chinese people in mind, all rivers run into sea world economy and feelings, to pass out of the group of twenty not only belongs to the twenty country to the world, a strong signal also belongs to the world ". In the world economy is facing a critical moment of crisis and challenges, people all over the world for a better life, for economic development and improving people's livelihood and determination will once again lit up the unity and win-win way forward.

"even the people livelihood, the people holding the". For China, the people's livelihood is the biggest problem facing the economic reform, to solve the problem of people's livelihood is the biggest political, improving the well-being of the people is the greatest achievement.

"I hope people are warm," people's livelihood "such as the hinterland of the disease, should be as good as gold.

eighteen years, with the steady progress of deepening reform, a number of initiatives include medical, education, employment, housing and other areas, the people's livelihood in China has been greatly improved, the income of urban and rural residents continued to grow steadily, the world's largest social insurance system of construction, and gradually expand the coverage of medical insurance population, the masses of the people significantly improve the health, education reform, the achievements of reform and development is more and more equitable benefit all the people.

's livelihood is social progress of "stone"

"Motoko Kunine. To stabilize the regime for a long time, it is necessary to carry out the policy of.

is obvious to people, in recent years, Chinese in improving people's livelihood efforts in increasing income of urban and rural residents continued to grow, the security system gradually perfect, improve people's living standards, a large number of years of accumulation of the outstanding problems of people's livelihood has been or is to be resolved.

in May this year, Guizhou Province town of Sun Village Li Anbin row arrangement and 13 year old son suffering from "nephrotic syndrome", because the family was poor, with high medical costs, give them a life cast a shadow.

9 month, helping cadres Yang Zaiye know this initiative to contact Li Anbin, led him to the relevant departments for serious illness relief reimbursement expenses, hospitalization for a total amount of 76291 yuan, the individual payment relief amount is only 8466 yuan, the proportion of aid 80%, save large amount of medical expenses for the Li Anbin family.

Li Anbin's experience is a microcosm of the spillover effect of economic development, in China, from everyone who can read a real livelihood situation, can read a real Chinese economy. Since the reform and opening up China

, the overall economic level has achieved a historic leap and take-off, but needless to say, we are facing many difficulties and challenges. As of now, there are still about 50000000 of the population has not yet completely out of poverty in China, many local infrastructure construction and social service system is not perfect, the people's livelihood demands a number of areas of housing, pension, education, health, ecology has not been completely satisfied.

elimination of poverty is not an empty word. From 2011 to 2015, the central finance special poverty alleviation funds increased from 27 billion 200 million yuan to 46 billion 745 million yuan, the rural poor continue to reduce. By the end of 2015, the national rural poverty population is 55 million 750 thousand people, 66 million 630 thousand people, less than the end of 2011 grades need to cherish not easily won. Class= img_box "

2014 "perview_img_p content_img_p" to the residents of the per capita disposable income - accumulated value. (source: National Bureau of Statistics)

look at the overall situation, the National Bureau of statistics released data show that in the first half of this year the total retail sales of social consumer goods to achieve 156138 yuan, an increase of 10.3%, the investment growth rate down, export downturn, consumer demand for economic growth further highlights the leading role of long.

, for example, marking the consumption and improve the living standards of the service continued strong, construction of global tourism demonstration area to accelerate, rural tourism, red tourism, such as general aviation, personalized experience tourism continues to heat up, the first half of this year, the number of domestic tourists 2 billion 240 million passengers, an increase of 10.5%, domestic tourism revenue reached 1 trillion and 900 billion yuan, up 13.7%.

can be seen from the data, the people of the money bag drum.

"running like planting trees, the roots do not shake with luxuriant foliage". In today's world economic recovery is weak, economic downward pressure is still large, as a warning for the future, when broken is broken, it is imperative to supply side structural reform. This one, world outcry, pointed out: "only have an ulterior motive to capacity is enough to make a move, China turbulent society!

side is to go to production capacity, while maintaining the livelihood of the people. "To date, will consider moving, all can be done", February 2016, ranked first in the annual economic work capacity to officially opened the curtain. Only a month's time, taxation, finance, employee placement, land, environmental protection, quality, safety, award and other supporting documents on the completion of all 8. The central government arranged a special award for 100 billion yuan subsidy funds, focusing on the placement of employees.

as general secretary Xi Jinping stressed at the G20 Hangzhou summit, China in the capacity to go, the intensity of the largest, the most practical measures, it will be done. "

people care about what, look forward to what, the reform will seize what, what to promote. Real and vivid sense of access is a source of happiness, only people are happy, society will be stable, will progress.

project of people's livelihood is social stability "ballast"

there is no doubt that the Chinese process of social development, is a wonderful chapter, there are complex factors. In real life, people are satisfied with the sense of satisfaction and happiness which is brought by the reform and development. It is often the result of the limitation of the limited nature of the story because of some circumstances. Some public opinion on the Internet, "excess liquidity", one after another of the uproar, made a lot of saliva bubble, easy to cause people to the real Chinese society.

in fact, we are enjoying a big wave of dividends brought about by the comprehensive deepening of reform. As the reform of decentralization chess upper hand, full of "gold", this year's government work report pointed out that in 2015 a total of 311 to cancel and decentralized administrative approval, the cancellation of 123 occupation qualification licensing and approval, a complete end to the non administrative approval. This year, the intensity of decentralization is not only increase.

earlier this year, the central ministries issued in 2016 to improve people's livelihood "list": the Ministry of environmental protection, compared with 2015, in 2016 the city level and above PM2.5 concentration decreased 3%, air quality days ratio was 75%; the Ministry of education, focus on university enrollment for targeted poor rural areas, to achieve full coverage of National Autonomous County then, 10 thousand more than last year; Wei Planning Commission, the implementation of fertility registration service system, two children no longer approve; the Ministry of housing, to further promote the reform of housing provident fund, a new arrangement of the 6 million sets of shantytowns task; development and Reform Commission, the formulation and implementation of the 100 million non household population in towns, in the city; the Poverty Alleviation Office, water circuit etc. organization of the central enterprises to solve 10 thousand poor villages, organized more than ten thousand private enterprises to establish a twinning relationship with poverty village ministry; Strive to 2016, the basic realization of all optical network covering the whole city of … &hellip

; as of now, the reforms are progressing steadily, people gain a sense of the results of the reform has also been strengthened, the Boston consulting firm released the latest "2016 economic sustainable development assessment report" has confirmed this point. The report shows that China's well-being improvement index score of 97.5, the degree of improvement in 163 countries and regions in the world ranked second. China's efforts to improve people's livelihood, won the praise of the world.

with the continuous deepening of reform, China's comprehensive national strength has been enhanced, China's voice on the international arena is also significantly improved, the people will also be profitable.

to the recent concern "the renminbi to join SDR" as an example, this is a symbol of overall national strength, the development of the country will be inclusive of hundreds of millions of people, people really convenient: RMB currency basket after the accession to the SDR, people travel abroad will get rid of swap trouble, go where to spend RMB; sea Amoy who will bid farewell to the tedious purchasing procedure; investment Master can also facilitate the allocation of overseas assets … …

" GDP emerging market growth rate comparison chart. (source: Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance Strategic Research) class= img_box id= id_imagebox_3 style= class= =''>

) throughout the world, the United States, the European refugee crisis shooting frequent armed conflicts, no solution, the risk of all the local people happiness dips, the essential factors, is the difficult global economic recovery has brought the economic downturn to many countries. The latest data from the China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of financial strategy: in emerging markets, China's GDP growth is always located at the highest level of a reasonable range, while the price level has been located in the lowest level. Compared with developed countries, China has the same advantage. Through the comparison is not difficult to see, the Chinese people's life is very happy, it can be said that the scenery here is good. Class= img_box "

emerging markets, the United States and Europe GDP and CPI comprehensive comparison chart. (source: Academy of Social Sciences Institute of finance strategy)

history tells us that in the major process, can not be one-sided information about their own judgment, we should embrace the optimism, maintain a serene state of mind.

our party and the government to do all the work starting point, the end result is to let the people live a good life. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that, "in understanding the world and transform the world, the old problems are solved, new problems will be produced, the system always need to constantly improve, so that the reform can not be achieved, it is impossible once and for all. "

we must firmly this faith, full of confidence, not noisy, but a parrot, echoed; should make scientific judgment, with the strategic vision of the future layout. We should also be prepared, reform is a long-term process, the road will be difficult and tortuous, be sure to gather consensus, remain optimistic, and unswervingly push forward the reform.

is the development of people's livelihood to unite the people "touchstone"

people's livelihood is no small matter, a little concerned. In the co construction and sharing, but also need to mobilize all aspects of strength, cohesion and consensus of the reform, to play a subjective initiative in cooperation.

Xie Zhengfa, the former Anhui Province, the supply and marketing cooperatives White Township workers, after the operation of a small shop. In 2008, an accidental opportunity, Xie Zhengfa in Jinjiang to experience the Shanghai paradise Canyon drifting when inspired: the white occasion can use the natural advantages of the development of tourism.

back to the white occasion, in the support of the township government, Xie Zhengfa first built tourism sites, and then do a travel agency, since the tour guide, rural tourism reception is increasingly prosperous. In his lead, the farmhouse now has grown to 42, the website development to 14, and more than and 800 domestic outdoor sports institutions to establish a long-term stable relationship.

at present, great changes have taken place in white amid poor rural landscape, to reduce poverty by 2005 before 360 and 1157 to 144 in 2015 266, the per capita net income of farmers reached 9500 yuan, in 2016 is expected to exceed 10 thousand yuan.

the development of the people's livelihood is reflected in every specific story, in the good policy of helping, a point will be strung into lines, lines and lines will be connected to the surface. On the way to get rich together, in the way of cohesion, the people's livelihood is playing a role in the development of the adhesive.

"at the end of last August, I submitted a preliminary examination of the establishment of enterprises online materials, the afternoon will be through the first trial. September 8th, I arrived at the business hall at 10:30, finishing materials, starting at 11 points in the window for 15 minutes after the received the 'one by one' business license. "As a financial institution in Fuzhou, the person in charge, Li Yinteng in the memories of last year for the business license experience, still very excited," reform is to give people a lot of convenience. "

on the basis of the pilot," five one, according to a code "registration system reform since October 1st of this year in the nationwide implementation. "Five one, according to a code of reform can save the business cost, maximize stimulate the vitality of the market.

there are many examples of this, from the quality of life to the ecological environment, governments at all levels through the unremitting efforts to expand the connotation and extension of people's livelihood. Since eighteen, these changes for the people see

serious illness insurance coverage of all urban and rural residents basic medical insurance; government institutions and enterprises to achieve the merger of the pension system; nine year compulsory education consolidation rate of 93%, higher than the national income of the popularity of Ping Junshui Ping; unemployment, work-related injury insurance rate decreased continuously; legal aid object expansion and further relaxation of economic difficulties; nearly 80 million corporate retirement pensions in 11 rose … &hellip Chinese; more and more people lived a good life for the "".

"the power of the ship is on the sail, and man's strength is in the heart. "This is not a personal matter, and promote people's livelihood or some departments, but related to the vital interests of each individual, need to work together, coordinated development, temper forward. At present, the risk of the global economy is growing, the people's livelihood development is also facing a huge test, the Chinese economy can achieve sustained and stable growth? Can protect people's livelihood from falling into the "middle-income trap"?

this, general secretary Xi Jinping responded decisively during the G20 summit in Hangzhou: "we have confidence and ability to maintain rapid economic growth, continue to bring more development opportunities in the world while realizing their own development. "He points out," the line is better than words. China has answered these questions with practical action ".

in the future, with the deepening of economic reform, Chinese still will be faced with all kinds of hardships and dangers and tough challenges. We need to what kind of spirit and power, as the waves and wind?

General Secretary Xi Jinping has given us the correct answer: People's longing for a better life, is our goal! "

(commissioning editor: Cao Kun)

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