SONY XZ Xperia open sales price of $700

USD Xperia SONY price

Techweb· 2016-10-03 22:21:21

[TechWeb] SONY launched this year's XZ Xperia mobile phone, this product has now opened worldwide sales, priced at $699.99, equivalent to less than RMB 4700 yuan. Compared to apple and Samsung's flagship is clearly the price of SONY has more advantage.

" the mobile phone using 2.5D glass design, hardware, using 5.2 inch 1080p screen, equipped Xiaolong 820 processor, camera combination is the front 13 million + rear 23 million (laser focusing, RGB/IR sensor, battery capacity is 2900mAh () support QC3.0, USB Type-C) to provide fast charging interface.

now is a pity that the mobile phone version of the country has not yet Telecom 4G network, only the mobile and China Unicom 4G version, do not know whether it will launch a separate telecommunications version, or the whole network version.

although the price is slightly cheaper than other flagship, but the performance advantage is not obvious, but SONY has been profitable, but in recent years in the mobile phone industry's performance has been less than ideal, also do not meet the needs of domestic users, even far better than the local brand sales volume good.

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