How to solve the Carlton slow? 2D graphic designer computer horizontal review

How computer graphic designer

ZOLbijiben· 2016-04-24 23:10:33

< p class = "indent-fix =" > previously, we use different design software for 9 hardware platform for performance measurement (please refer to: the 7 software 9 platforms combat & nbsp; design using a computer to ", in order to be able to for the designer friends in the purchase of computer designers to provide some reference for the performance of. Today, we from the point of view of different computer products of, using with a design software, and similar test items, on different computer and the hardware platform in the 2D plane design efficiency performance to be assessed, to help the designer friends while trying to understand products, while understanding of the efficiency of performance of different hardware platforms.

  & nbsp; although computer makers to designers provide professional workstation equipment, but these devices are often price expensive, for individual designers seem real enough. In addition designer, but also the ordinary people, their demand for computers in addition to meet the need of work, in fact, and engaged in other occupations nor what different, play games and portability is what they consider the factors, so in addition to professional workstations, ordinary type table machine, notebook the how to choose? This is also a question which will be solved in this article. Class= indent-fix "

    in this review before, we are in accordance with the usual practice of some of the issues to be briefly explained.

, test software and test project

 , & nbsp; first in software testing, we choose the everyone is familiar with Photoshop, after all, PS is very commonly used image processing tools, is not a professional designer, are more or less used PS, and PS itself although for computer hardware requirements is not high, but when meet large quantities or large capacity document processing, will show the difference, therefore the selection of PS to test compared with the reference value.


  & nbsp; in addition we also are the efficiency comparison between new and old platforms and related to the old platform including desktop core i7  2600 processor platform, and mobile core i5  5200U processor platform and core i7  2620M processor platform.

- Methods of test

 . & nbsp; the testing means, including: a single large capacity document open, save and render filter; a plurality of small capacity document open, save and batch job execution. Through the completion time of the corresponding test project, to show the performance difference between the new and old platform.

other instructions

  & nbsp; although the cross evaluation mainly show the performance difference between new and old processor platform, but in fact at the same time also reflect the open speed to document the effects of different memory capacity, as well as the hard disk performance differences impact on file speed.

in addition, the transverse assessment test scores of nine models of the machine does not do lateral comparison between products, each product test scores independent in contrast to the old hardware platform. Of course, if you are willing to take the data between different platforms do refer to us is also very encouraging. Class= indent-fix "

    horizontal review of the relevant matters to understand, then we can let us formally entered the designer computer horizontal bar!

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