Win10 after the free end was this: Microsoft Meng

Microsoft free of charge windows 2

qudongzhijia· 2016-10-04 08:27:17

for Microsoft, so they did not think of is, Windows 10 free end use rate actually fell for the first time. The latest

data show, Windows 7 share ranked first, the share of 48.27%, ranking second, 22.53% and Windows10. if a careful analysis of the words will be found, Windows 10 of the market share of the unexpected slide.

" last month, Windows10's market share fell from 22.99% to 22.53% , although the decline is not too big, but the sign of the Windows10 system to want more than Windows7 system, it needs more efforts, in contrast, on month, Windows7 system market share rose to 48.27% from 47.25%.

had to say, Windows 10 system free of charge after the end, want more than Windows 7, you need more effort. Class= img_box "

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