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Mid Autumn Festival, the weather gradually cool, a lot of families and the stage, your mother think you cold, so you have to wear more! "Your grandmother think you cold, so you have to wear more!".

Lok Ma has a friend, the child was only 4 months, made a circle of friends, "children than adults to be afraid of heat, but some old people are not listening", caused a lot of people's response.

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thus, about the baby cold, should wear many clothes this problem is the problem of the fuse induced woman daughter-in-law. To solve this problem, or from a scientific point of view.

a, to judge the baby is not cold, in the end the touch where the

to judge the baby is not cold, the addition of clothing, many parents are accustomed to touch. In fact, this is not entirely correct judgment!

because the blood circulatory system and development at the end of the infant is not perfect, so although sometimes wear a lot of clothes, body sweating hands and feet, but it is cool!

in this regard, many pediatric doctors also explained

! Q: give your baby to wear a lot of clothes in winter how is hand or ice, is not enough to wear or what?

@ Cui Yutao: the child's heart strength is relatively weak, every time after the arrival of the extremities of the blood pump output is very few, we will feel cold in the hands of children. As long as the parents touched the child's neck warm, do not have to worry about.

@ Zhang Silai physicians: the child is cold with cold hands and feet as the standard, because of a weak heart Bo, not just the blood circulation is poor, so cold hands and feet, in fact, the center temperature is not low, blind parents give children more clothes but not conducive to children to regulate their own body temperature but easy to get sick.

the correct judgment method should be to touch the back of the neck.

will hand into the collar after the baby's touch on the nape of the neck and vest, sweep around.

: if the skin is warm, so that appropriate dress;

skin burns are moist feeling, then said to wear more;

skin cold, so to add clothes!

two, dress the baby too much harm, but also a lot of pediatric surgery doctor in

! "" Pei cited a dressing of obsessive-compulsive disorder many examples point out that parents give the child to wear too much is very common, rather than plug sweat towel off a piece of clothing, the winter is the child wrapped like dumplings.

"frozen to the child should not, but the heat to the child is a problem. "

1, leading to Wu thermal syndrome. The weather is a bit of a cold and have a fever or a child, to wear three layer in the three layer, which leads to the heat generated from the body, the more and more high temperature from a short time a large number of children sweating may also lead to dehydration, shock.

2, reduce the child's resistance. Proper wear cold can be avoided, but wear too easily lead to fewer children accept the stimulation of cold air, the more vulnerable to climate change in the body, are more likely to get sick.

3, restricted development. Dressing too much will limit the child's physical activity, so that the child's sports development is lagging behind.

4, the emergence of skin diseases. For example, long prickly heat, folliculitis etc..

three, cold weather, how to dress the baby?

let the children wear is comfortable be neither hot nor cold, our goal.

circulated on the temperature of clothing, I believe most of the mother can not remember. So, give the child dress, also have to rely on experience + science.

will not walk the baby, a large amount of activity, low metabolism, the body temperature is relatively low, you can wear more than a mother.

has been learning to walk the child or the school age children, the standard dress can be the same as the mother, or wear a little. So

pediatrician said:

@ Bao Xiulan: baby sleep at night to wear less than good "as well. The cover is almost the same as the adult. During the day and dress, can be slightly less than the adult.

@ Zhang Silai: children dress or dress more like adults, don't wear, children love, sweating, you think they more uncomfortable!

, but note that this is not fully in accordance with the standard of OK, there are individual differences of the well-being of human judgment, so it can be combined with the "touch the back of the neck to see oh.

in fact, the elderly are also love their grandchildren, everyone's starting point is good for the baby, a little quarrel, more scientific facts and reason, love the child is right.

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