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Nuclear powered submarine country China destroyer

zhanluewang· 2016-10-04 13:30:15

in the case of aircraft carriers and the lack of modern surface vessels, China is very dependent on the submarine, hoping to compete with the foreign navy. According to a recent report, after the establishment of new China, the Chinese leaders decided to start building a sea fleet from zero. In the subsequent decades, China has taken a rigorous attitude towards the construction of the Navy, the Navy hopes to reach the level of operational capability of the U.S. military, and access to the Pacific control.

" so far, Chinese has built about 70 submarines, but the technical level of most of the submarine can not be compared with the United states. However, this situation is changing, China has launched the latest attack type nuclear submarine. Although the number of new submarines is only one, but in order to compete with the Asian Pacific region and the control of the control of the Southeast Asian waters, China had to build more submarines. To some extent, the performance of 093B can reach the level of the United States attack submarine. In order to build a submarine force with a strong attack capability, China needs to build at least 12 093B.

naval construction" Chinese, is now showing three pronged situation: on surface ships, continued construction of 052D, domestic carriers are now entering the bulk of the construction phase, 055 tons of destroyers are hull module closure 054B type frigate may soon be on the slipway, 903A offshore supply ship has been in service, a standard carrier water guard protection force is quietly forming; for a carrier supporting maritime air force, following the f -15 ski jump take-off aircraft, new catapult type fighters -15 again appearance, and second China domestic carrier will likely be equipped with catapults, which act as guards for the Chinese blue ocean carrier battle group; and in the aircraft carrier battle Bucket group strength security provided under water, a long time is a relatively weak link, but with the 093B type attack cruise missile nuclear submarine appeared, this problem will be smoothly done or easily solved. The so-called

093B type attack cruise missile submarine, is actually the type 093 attack submarines upgrade, and its main direction is to improve the ability to upgrade, installation of mute cruise missile vertical module, change more advanced shipboard sonar array. In the aspect of improving the mute ability, set up a boat binding site in arc transition enclosure and hull, significantly reduce the turbulence noise in the power system; and the hull connecting part adopts domestic second generation hydraulic elastic damping system; the water hole design craft in vitro, reducing the number of improved pass; in vitro silencing. The tile sticking on the use of new technologies and use the third generation of anechoic tiles.

is the most important performance in the battle, 093B first used the cruise missile vertical module, it is revolutionary, because the system is compatible with the launch Eagle -18 anti-ship missiles, cruise missiles, sword -10 Eagle -63 anti-ship missiles and other heavy weapons at least three, so that the ship is capable of carrying out diversified military tasks that can combat aircraft carrier antisubmarine anti-ship and land attack missions. While the new facelift broadside sonar array, can make the boat look farther can hear more clearly, which provides a guarantee for the implementation of the combat mission.

" after the upgrade, according to the comprehensive operational capability analysis of 093B type attack cruise missile submarine has surpassed the United States improved Losangeles class nuclear submarine, and basically reached the level of "Virginia". The China make great efforts to upgrade this type of submarine, and Chinese Navy currently facing difficulties, one is the 094A type strategic nuclear submarine has started strategic patrol, as the Western tradition, need an attack submarine with escort, it cannot do without advanced 093B; two is the first aircraft carrier "Chinese Liaoning ship has basic combat, coming out of the chain of ocean training, and provide water under escort must have an attack submarine for it, it is none other than non 093B, and the first domestic aircraft carrier future also need to do so under water security; three is the China Navy's largest short board is anti submarine warfare, while the submarine is the best anti submarine, now active in the Asia Pacific waters of Japan" black dragon "and" Pro tide ", the" Losangeles "," Virginia "And" Ohio "(including the type of strategic missile and cruise missile type), Australia's" Collins "," Vietnam "kilo class, are more advanced models, 093B are required to initiate active attacks to weaken their threat.

" at the same time, Chinese attack in 093B type of cruise missile submarine on the technical improvement and upgrading, but also for the more advanced type 095 attack submarine technical verification, in order to exclude the stumbling block for future construction technology, and to speed up the pace of the latter. So, Chinese for type 093B attack cruise missile submarine is very urgent, according to the analysis of demand, also as soon as possible in order to compensate underwater combat attack defects, China Navy is likely to be a batch of 12 vessels 093B. These excellent attack submarines, naval ship Chinese can get up to 70 conventional attack submarines, which is formed by Chinese Navy underwater combat force, can give an intruder or trying to challenge the Chinese naval forces to a fatal blow.

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