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imperceptibly, from the September 7th conference that Apple has been almost a month of time, about 7 iPhone you may have seen a lot of evaluation. Compared to

and iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 in almost all aspects better: it has a better screen, better camera and faster speed, better life and little change but more good-looking. Of course, these are not what good, although the recent generation of iPhone has not as of 2007 and early 2010 iPhone 4 that changed our perception of the mobile phone, but after all, is the new iPhone, it should be better than the previous generation of products. But in the

iPhone 7 as the main machine used two weeks later, I increasingly feel in these as it should be "better" behind, and some may not be noticeable but very valuable not small details, worthy of you to spend time with a "good taste". The appearance of the

is PRO 6? In fact, or

to see the appearance of the iPhone 7, a lot of people's reaction is that this is not the Meizu PRO 6 on the back of it? "But when you put iPhone 7 and PRO 6 together, you will find that the actual situation is not the case.


two Meizu iPhone 7 although the two back inward bending line at first glance like PRO 6, but the two antenna iPhone 7 more near the top of the fuselage, almost is attached to the frame position of the antenna the two places are bent inwards directly attached to the fuselage of the 4 R on the corner.

" don't look at this point is not the same, the requirements of iPhone 7 for antenna design and technology can be much higher, benefit is greatly reduced. The back of the antenna to bring visual interference, especially in black and bright black color iPhone 7.

in the two color, the color of the apple antenna and painted metal body similar to black, light black body of the antenna even made a similar body polishing treatment, do not look carefully, pay little attention to the existence of an antenna.

is more commendable is that in the premise of optimizing antenna design under iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S still is really the "global" Netcom, can support almost all of the world's main communication band, and integrated NFC chip.

" which means that, as long as you buy iPhone 7 network no lock, no matter which country, iPhone 7 can almost no pressure when using the 4G network, including the vast majority of domestic mobile phone "PRO" CNC 6, we often have to fall to 3G or even 2G network use. After a bright black

following iPhone 5S iPhone 6S champagne gold, rose gold

, iPhone 7 added a new bright black color, but before adding new color is different, apple for the bright black but spent a lot of thought. Class= img_box "

in the bright black iPhone 7, apple uses a kind of magnetic rheological polishing process called. Through this process, apple almost completely changed the metal, not only to the metal to make out the texture and luster of the glass material, and even make the metal has a similar sense of touch and glass. When you first feel the light black iPhone 7, if not already done in advance of the homework, I believe you are likely to mistake it for the use of glass material.

since this is so, why Apple is not directly in the bright black iPhone 7 on the glass material, have to spend so much effort to toss the metal process?

in addition to "only I can do this" possible "virtuoso" factors, from the product point of view, the plasticity of metal fuselage has a better structure, can be made in the frame are integrally molded cover, so that the hand holding more coherent and integrated. And the current glass material can not do this accuracy, even the Samsung Note7 Galaxy this glass body of the peak of the work, also need to use the metal material in the frame part.

" from Business Insider

in the official trailer, apple made a bright black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus described as "art" technology level, we believe that in the experience of the real machine, should be able to feel the apple "boast" not too much. But there is a big problem, bright black iPhone this "art" also needs "art" level of care.

products listed before Apple posted on the official website of the bright black iPhone 7 scratches on the tips, but the actual situation is somewhat beyond our expectations.

borrowed a buy a bright black iPhone 7 colleagues said, I put the phone on the bed for ten minutes, take up a lot of small scratches. "It's really not a joke.

the reason, in addition to the polished metal prone to scratches the expected problem, a shiny black plastic antenna iPhone 7 on two after polishing is more "fragile", is almost a little touch is enough to make it ".".

short, bright black iPhone is beautiful, but unless you buy a special "posing", otherwise it is strongly recommended that you carefully consider the purchase of the color, because in a few days, your hand will become bright black matte black "drawing".

wide color gamut screen, color management mode

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to maintain the screen size and resolution of the last two generations of products. In the 5.5 inch 1080p iPhone Plus 7, this is not what the basic problem, but in the 4.7 inch iPhone 7, 1334 x 750 resolution and iPhone 4, has been used for more than 6 years of the 326 PPI has been somewhat powerless.

after watching some graphics with arc (such as a battery icon of the four corners), iPhone 7 screen pixels the naked eye are very easy to see the problem that caused congenital low PPI is no longer compensate high quality screen. It is no exaggeration to say that a single screen on the "clarity" of this, iPhone 7 is not a lot of thousands of machines.

" according to the currently known news, next year the next generation iPhone is likely to replace the OLED screen. Interesting is that, as of now, the mainstream OLED screen is used in the Pentile sub pixel arrangement (including the diamond array on the Samsung AMOLED).

standard arrangement (left) and Pentile

(right) diamond arrangement in the current iPhone LCD screen, each screen pixel contains RGB three pixels, and each pixel arrangement Pentile OLED screen the only contains two sub pixels (red green blue or green). This results in the same pixel density, OLED screen perception far LCD is more clear (you can refer to one plus 3 iPhone and 7 Plus screen). Therefore, if Apple next year for the OLED screen, if still use the iPhone 7 on this 750p resolution, it is not a law to estimate the. Personal speculation, after replacing the OLED screen, the resolution of the small screen version of iPhone will increase to become 1080p, the big will increase to 2K.

although the screen size and resolution on the little surprise, but iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus screen still has a major upgrade - wide color gamut.

following 4K and iMac 5K, 9.7 inches Pro iPhone, iPad 7 and iPhone 7 Plus became Apple's third models support DCI-P3 color gamut devices. Compared to DCI-P3, sRGB can retain more rich color information (especially red and green, as shown below). Class= img_box "

" need to be explained, iPhone 7 on the pre installed iOS default color space is still sRGB. So, if you put iPhone 7 and 6S iPhone together, most of the time is not see the color levels have any different.

the future, after the third party app adaptation DCI-P3 color gamut, the theory on iPhone 7 of the screen color will be more rich and full, but really wait until the domestic mainstream app adapter DCI-P3, iPhone 8 estimates are out.

in addition, most of the content of the network are used in sRGB color gamut, wide color gamut and sRGB screen in order to prevent the contents of the "fight", apple iOS also include color management system (color management system, CMS), which in the mobile operating system is the first time. When you see the DCI-P3 iPhone 7 sRGB color gamut in wide color gamut of the photo on the screen, iOS will automatically send photos to make a photo in the conversion, can accurately display in iPhone 7 the wide color gamut on the screen, to avoid because of the content of the sRGB "DCI-P3" to force stretching caused distortion of photo shows the color gamut.

addition, in this screen calibration generation iPhone, Apple has chosen to screen color temperature closer to the standard of D65 (6500K), and in the previous generations of iPhone, the default color is generally in 7000K to 7500K. Therefore, many people buy to iPhone 7 feeling is the screen becomes yellow. But people think, as long as the screen color not too outrageous (such as the SONY Xperia Z models default color often soared to 10000K that, with a few days) will be used.

camera is very good, can be seen on other mobile phone … …

from the hardware perspective, iPhone 7 compared to 6S iPhone has made considerable progress. Although it is still 12 million pixels, but the aperture of iPhone 7 from 6S f/2.2 iPhone f/1.8 to, and increased before the "Plus" to some of the optical anti shake module.

" on camera iPhone 7, you can choose the reference of the geek (micro signal: GeekChoice) as we compiled DxOMark detailed evaluation, that is to say: This is the best pictures ever iPhone. Is one of the best pictures of intelligent mobile phone on the market at present. The main camera evaluation of the same

for iPhone 7 Plus (the upper left corner of the fuselage), as head of a wide-angle also its equivalent focal length of 56 mm, the sensor area is smaller, smaller aperture (only f/2.8), no optical image stabilization, the imaging quality of it than the main camera a big cut.

" from The Verge

Apple also know that, in actual use, the wide-angle head iPhone 7 Plus only in the light of the good situation and choice and more than two times the focal length is enabled. The dark light, the imaging quality of the wide-angle head is too poor, even if the choice of more than two times the focal length, the iPhone 7 Plus does not enable the cameras, but choose to cut in the main camera photos.

but there is one caveat, iPhone 7 output JPEG file in the DCI-P3 color space is saved, in the same support DCI-P3 color gamut iPhone 7 watch not what problem, but if the iPhone 7 photographs put no color management scheme in the bottom of the system on the Android mobile phone, mobile phone is still will is decoded in the sRGB color space, which leads to only a part of the picture display color (i.e. color space does not match "), making the picture look a fading feeling, which is why iPhone 7 photographs in the other mobile phone may not good reason.

A10 Fusion is very strong, but the heat is a big problem of

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus using A10 Fusion processor apple the new design of the transistor is directly related to the number and performance in A10 Fusion, even 3 billion 300 million of the heap, which is the fundamental reason for the A10 "Fusion" SoC the other swing.

CPU, A10 Fusion uses a "double" dual core design, contains two high performance and low power core two core, but each time will only open two core, the highest frequency of high performance core reached 2.34GHz. GPU for the 6 core design, from Imagination (specific models have yet to be determined).

in addition, iPhone 7 of the operating memory for the iPhone, 2GB 7 Plus for 3GB. But now, in addition to Safari can open a few labels in the empty cache is empty, iPhone 7 Plus more out of the 1GB does not have any use. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" A10 for the performance of, we do not need to have anything to worry about. Just reflect in daily use, in addition to some sliding, multi task switching operation frame rate slightly plump so lost, A10 and iPhone 6S A9 will not pull what gap.

although the performance is as good as ever, but the iPhone 7 fever control seems to have some problems.

just bought iPhone 7, in the use of iTunes to restore the backup, my iPhone 7 of the temperature on the directly on the day, the impression that the use of iPhone for so many years, the phone does not seem so hot when. In addition, iPhone 7 seems to be fever and task intensity is, in app, Download watch online video and other less resource consuming operation, iPhone 7 is often very hot, and this is very NBA 2K17 resources consumed in the play of the game, mobile phone is not hot.

investigate its reason, iPhone 7 of the fever may be related to the unreasonable scheduling of mobile phone hardware, I hope can be improved in the following iOS firmware update.

"hidden" fast charge, life is still the same

toward 30W fast charge forward in the Android camp, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is still the standard "ancestral" 5W (5V 1A) charging head.

" in the "large" iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6S, Plus, you can use the iPad charging head on the device to achieve the highest 10W (5V 2A) "medium" (charging the same state of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S can to about 6W). In this generation iPhone, apple put this skill is also given to the trumpet iPhone 7.

after we measured, using iPad charging head (or Anker and three party brands can support 5V 2A charging head) in iPhone 7, completely without electricity, half an hour can be filled to 45%, 1 hours 80%, full of about 1 hours and 40 minutes. Although the last 20% charge is very slow, but 1 hours charge 80% of the performance has been much faster than before, it is reluctantly entered the "fast charge" of the camp.

battery life, apple said, iPhone 7 battery usage time increased by 2 hours longer than the longest 6S iPhone. But in the daily use of my

, and did not find iPhone 7 life and iPhone 6S what is the essential difference, is still more than half a day, "not enough", travel must carry mobile power, mobile phone or halfway to "game over". In contrast, in the use of similar strength, Nubian Z11 completely adequate for a day, one plus 3 province with barely a day. If you value the phone's own life but do not want to use the Android machine, the proposed focus on considering the next iPhone 7 Plus.

Home key is very strange, stereo speakers are not "three-dimensional"

in addition to the above, iPhone 7 there are several noteworthy details of the following changes. The

Home key can press

iPhone 7 built-in "upgraded version of" Taptic Engine, make the vibration feedback when pressed the Home key, and MacBook but can "genuine" Force Touch touchpad is different, no matter what the intensity of the feedback you choose, press the iPhone Home key 7 tactile feedback do not give you the kind of entity key press feeling. When you start to use it will feel strange, but it should be easy to adapt to a few days later.

stereo speakers

" in addition to a speaker at the bottom of the iPhone 7 receiver can also act as a speaker function, a new generation of the BoomSound principle and HTC 10 equipped with the same. But the actual experience, the effect of stereo speakers iPhone 7, in addition to sound than iPhone 6S big, the quality is not amazing feeling, the impression should is less than 10 HTC (hand no HTC 10, no accurate comparison).

fingerprint identification

iPhone 7 fingerprint recognition speed and 6S iPhone the same, click no need to stay to unlock. And one plus 3, X7 vivo and other mobile phones, iPhone 7 of the fingerprint recognition speed is similar, but because the animation is relatively long, resulting in a lot of time to enter the desktop.

no 3.5 mm headset jack

" on this issue, we specifically spent an article for (TU) (CAO) on apple, cut 3.5 mm headset jack solutions and problems. If you want to find a reason why not buy iPhone 7, there should be no better than this, and this is my personal iPhone 7 of the most dissatisfied with the local.

watch iPhone 8?

from 3G iPhone, in the next eight years, Apple has been on the iPhone using a year of internal upgrade, two years to change the appearance of the Tick-Tock model. But in this year's iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus 7, apple does not have the appearance of iPhone re design, but the choice of tinkering in the design of the 6 iPhone "".

according to the current information received, the reason for this "abnormal" approach, because Apple wants in next year's "ten anniversary" iPhone (be called iPhone 8) a relatively large change, and this year's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to the "nexus" role.

from iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this generation of products, we can indeed see many features of "transitional product", such as wide gamut screen, pressure sensitive Home key, double camera, remove the 3.5 mm headset jack, the change of users now will not necessarily be used, some changes will be even more. But, to the eyes of the apple in the future part.

to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus these two products, if the next generation of products will have a big change, I prefer it will appear in the next generation version of Plus. Whether

is a dual camera 5.5 inch screen 6 inches fuselage, or slightly chicken ribs 188 grams of weight, 7 iPhone Plus have a lot of space to improve. As for iPhone 7, there is no breakthrough in battery technology background, I think it has to "small screen flagship" to the extreme, the next generation of products will be difficult to have a big breakthrough, unless Jony Ive decided to iPhone 8 on the 3.5 mm headset jack to get back.

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