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dual camera mobile phone for 4 purposes: shooting "3D pictures", as the depth camera, using computational photography, shooting fast-moving objects, and in the next 5 years, we can see "the next generation" with a multi camera camera equipment.

and Zhang Chenxiong titanium media author with back dual camera installed iPhone 7 Plus come out, in a lot of mobile phone powder (especially powder) eyes, this design has become the new "standard" with great significance of the mobile phone, mobile phone that high quality photography of the new era is coming. But

, apple this standard is not what new things, some manufacturers have used the intelligent mobile phone dual camera for many years. So, in the end why the Apple Corp set up a dual camera? Is this design going to be the most desired feature of your mobile phone?

set up multiple cameras for 4 reasons

we first look at the iPhone 7 Plus release, dual camera phone in the end what is used to do.

turn the history of smart phones, you will find the back of the phone set a number of camera, there are 4 reasons:

first, take the 3D photo". EVO 3D

HTC this idea can be traced back to 2011, not only with a 3D camera, but also with a 3D display. Although this concept is good, but came out after a lot of users as a gimmick, that the practical value is not, soon disappeared in the market.

several Optimus 3D LG camera phone is also very similar to the fate of. 2012, these phones have been scattered around the world, want to attract users to take pictures through the 3D effect, even in the LG Tablet PC also made such a configuration. However, manufacturers soon abandoned the production of this cell phone, instead, to increase the number of pixels per year as a target. Thus, the camera phone camera phone back to the "dormant" state.

second, as the depth of the camera.

in 2014, HTC proposed a very similar concept of dual sensor. Behind the camera with double HTC One M8 come out, also lifted the appetite for dual camera mobile phone, the mobile phone and aroused interest. Soon after, some manufacturers also launched such phones, including HUAWEI's glory 6 Plus (2014) and more recent millet red rice Pro mobile phone (2016).

these dual lens cameras can be used in the same way as our eyes, to see the depth of the image and 3D. In view of the two camera "eyes", "any need to calculate the scene depth map". Second auxiliary camera function is to record data in order to achieve the depth of field, after the first camera focus function.

"depth camera" the biggest problem is to deal with the quality of uneven. If you want to take an object that is not a regular shape, it will look like a jagged image, or even more out of the edge. The auxiliary depth calculation of the sensor generally has a poor quality, and therefore can not improve the quality of shooting. Like the 3D camera, the depth of the camera was also seen as a gimmick, but did not get the market recognition.

some smart phones such as the One M8 HTC use it to simulate the variable aperture, which means changing the aperture size of the lens that allows the light to pass through the lens. And in addition to some old NOKIA mobile phone, almost every camera phone with a fixed aperture. If you do a lot of aperture, you can make the image of the background blur, focus only on the object you want to shoot. The larger the sensor size, the larger the single pixel area, the better the quality. A full frame sensor area, 50 times larger than the sensor used to take pictures of the phone. Only the use of such a large area of the image sensor, will be taken to the professional level, with a sense of artistic photography.

third, using computational techniques for photography.

HUAWEI launched a few days ago P9 smart phone, configure the dual lens, greatly improved the performance of image processing. This time, the purpose of P9 dual camera configuration is no longer as a depth camera. Apple iPhone 7 dual camera also has a similar application with P9.

this is the use of a dual camera third reasons, the use of the rise of the recent years, the so-called "photography computational" technology. This technology is the use of a combination of a lot of small cameras, through the software intelligent algorithm to overcome the camera sensor size is too small and the image quality problems caused by. This technology to use smart phones, the image quality of the camera phone to upgrade the level of SLR cameras, is the most appropriate.

fourth, shoot fast moving objects.

has the best low light performance of the phone, the current use of optical anti shake, to improve the quality of their night shot image. There is a small motor constantly moving slightly to make up for the natural jitter of the hand when taking pictures, and to keep the shutter open for a long time. However, the exposure time is too long to shoot fast moving objects and adverse. Optical anti shake can make up for the mobile camera, and can not make up for the movement of the camera object. So the world's best anti shake system also has such a problem, and the dual camera can solve this problem. This is the fourth reason to use a dual camera.

Light L16 is an independent system based on Android digital camera, 16 cameras with 3 different focal length, used to create an equivalent to 28 ~ 150mm zoom camera

LinX Apple's acquisition of

in fact from intention Apple Corp in April last year the acquisition of Israel Corp LinX, you can know what to do next apple. In the apple

LinX has bought before, announced their details of the multi image sensor module development plan, there are several design schemes. The first scheme is that we see in HTC One M8, using two color image sensor, used to create the depth map". This scheme can now be ignored.

another program, most likely is the basic technology of iPhone 7 Plus dual camera. A pair of cameras, one used to shoot monochrome (black and white) images, another shot of color images, which is also the HUAWEI P9 mobile phone solutions. LinX's view is that this setting will improve low light performance, improve the overall picture quality, and lower cost than the same resolution of the Dan Guangquan camera. The final result of

image quality depends on the combination of color and black and white camera image information. This in turn depends on the color camera before reaching the sensor in the light of the light filter, the general use of Bayer filter (Bayer Filter). The United States Kodak scientists Bayer is best known for the invention of Bayer filter, the digital camera, camera and mobile phone camera almost all of the use of this technology.

a standard image sensor is made up of millions of small "light sensitive cells", which are stimulated by light. As LCD TV is composed of red, green and blue sub pixels, with different intensity of light can provide any color, image sensor also has red, green and blue sub pixels, used to determine the color of each pixel. Bayer color filter is used to verify the correct color, let the light hit the sub pixels.

but this time, the problem appears. The green and blue light towards the red color pixels will be rejected; the green and red light will not be received by the blue sub pixels, and so on. This means that a large number of light is Bayer color filter waste. And a black and white sensor can avoid this problem. It does not need the Bayer filter, because it does not need to determine the color. If a large number of light radiation to the sensor, low light quality can be significantly improved.

therefore, if you use double camera settings, monochromatic sensor will can increase the dynamic range, increase the details and reduce the noise level (absorbed by the black and white light sensor than the color sensor light absorbed by 3 times higher), and another sensor used to fill color. After the acquisition of the camera image, the need for software intelligent processing how to get the information of the two cameras mixed together, but the resulting image and the real world is always slightly different. The closer it is to the subject, the more obvious the difference. Therefore, image processing is very important.

let us take a look at the LinX company announced the next generation of multi camera design. Perhaps the most interesting is the design of a 2x2 camera array. It uses an idea similar to putting two cameras on a column, but adding more "eyes"". This can further enhance the dynamic range, or further from the start to reduce the image noise.

LinX last design is the use of two small sensors, as large image sensors to serve as a range finder. Since these pairs of sensors can measure how far an object is, the auto focus can be directly aligned to the right position, rather than looking for. This design, it is possible to replace the current iPhone has been used in the "phase detection" focus method.

multi camera camera phone has an important application, the different focal length of the camera can simulate optical zoom, and use the software to achieve "seamless" zoom. LG G5 has a similar function, especially when shooting stills, you can use an auxiliary camera to zoom in and out.

the next 5 years: "next generation" multi camera photography

multi camera photography now has been further progress, we are likely in the next 5 years to see the "next generation" with multi camera camera equipment.

one is hot in Light L16, which is based on a Android system independent digital camera, 16 cameras with 3 different focal length, used to create an equivalent to the 28~150mm zoom camera. According to the company, the picture quality is comparable to or even beyond the full frame SLR camera, but the entire thickness of only slightly thicker than iPhone. 16 small camera (lens size is equivalent to the lens size of the camera phone) is full of the back of the camera (the camera is currently doing the same size as iPhone, just a little thicker). L16 Light can also be done SR (super resolution) and HDR (high dynamic range) of the image capture effect.

at present, L16 Light price is not cheap ($1699), but has been booked until 2017, and announced that it has been fully booked. This is a new camera, its novelty is not only the use of 16 cameras, but also in the use of advanced intelligent software. It also gives the iPhone and other smart mobile phone camera and points out the future direction of product design, that is to take the "technical route of multi camera", at the same time the real "computational photography" technology to implement the software, and the software is becoming more intelligent (Apple's iPhone 7 has adopted the "machine learning" algorithm).

according to reports, Apple Corp R & D camera function of the number of groups of 800 people (including the original LinX company). They add "extra" camera on the iPhone, is no longer in the past that can only play 3D, but for the pursuit of a more perfect image quality, such as enhancing shooting night scenes, expand horizons, increase the optical zoom function etc.. For those who love shot using a mobile phone, dual cameras so that they could have a new hope. Mobile photography has become a part of people's real life. Forget VR, AR, and MR, first try to double camera smart phone bar! (this article is BT media · "commercial value" magazine in 2016 10 monthly column articles, network exclusive first titanium media)

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