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Apple UFO headquarters apple

tengxunkeji· 2016-10-04 15:59:43

yesterday a new aerial video was posted online, revealed in the construction of the Apple is still Apple's new headquarters building Campus 2 latest progress.

Matthew Roberts from the beginning of March this year, every month drones fly to apple in Cupertino, Proulx Neri Avenue headquarters built in Durge, recording a aerial video on YouTube. Class= img_box "

Matthew the latest Apple headquarters building video.

can be seen in the video released yesterday, Apple's new headquarters building cost of $5 billion close to the completion of the main building. The main building of the ship's pattern is still in the final block, and the project of laying solar panels on the roof of the house has been completed by 40%. Class= img_box "

spacecraft is laying solar panels, the current progress of 40%.

most of the outside of a circle of glass curtain wall installation work continues, with the September release of the video is not much different. Class= "img_box" id= "

on the left is October, on the right side was shot in September.

can accommodate 1000 people in the future will be a round auditorium Apple product conference held. Now the door is still filled with materials, can not see the underground part of the situation. Built along the Tantau Avenue, adjacent to the main building of the main building of the R & D center construction is fast. Class= img_box "

on the left is the hall, on the right is the center of R & D.

park landscape design project has also begun, the first batch of plants have been transplanted to come. According to the plan, Campus Apple 2 green coverage area will reach 80%. Apple specially hired Stanford University's Muffly Dave, a tree artist, is responsible for the design of their headquarters, which will eventually plant more than 8000 trees. Tunnel engineering

" for Apple Campus 2 of the buildings and the courtyard through the still 50% part is covering. 11000 cars can be parked in the parking lot of the main construction is completed, the parking lot between the channels have been connected. The next job is to do the further decoration of the external wall. Class= img_box "

on the left is the parking lot, on the right side of the tunnel under construction.

is located in the northwest corner of the park, an area of one hundred thousand square feet of fitness center is still under construction. After the completion of the completion of all kinds of fitness equipment, changing rooms, shower facilities, laundry service, can be used for 20000 employees at the same time. Class= img_box "

construction in the fitness center, can accommodate 20000 people.

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