She is a reality version of the inspirational small days after Fan Shengmei

Days later reality life drama

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every time, are wandering alone in the strong.

every time, even if the injury is not flash tears.

I know, I have a pair of invisible wings, take me fly over despair … …

don't know if you still remember this song inspired many Inspirational Songs, remember that the two girls have been popular in the coastal energy.

Angela Chang. Class= img_box "

debut 15 years, Angela Chang's acting career, can be used to describe the ups and downs.

at first, Angela Chang is an actor in his debut.

"MVP lover" debut on the harvest of a large number of fans.

"lovers" let Angela Chang in Puerto Galera Strait

" in those years not the rise of American TV drama, is not in our consideration only, Taiwan idol drama, is the heart of our love.

partner Angela Chang two idol groups appeared in the "Romantic Princess" also won the annual ratings champion.

" is like a chain reaction explosion of red, red songs to play.

by Angela Chang singing "Puerto Galera lovers" of the film tail song, "lost beautiful" also will be popular. Angela Chang then launched the album

Strike while the iron is hot. "ourela"

" album "invisible wings" is a Beijing college entrance essay topic, also is the president of Peking University sang.

"ourela" also hit South Korea SBS live performances, she was said to be the first on the Korean stage Chinese star. Class= img_box "

2008 years as the Olympic torch in KunMing Railway Station. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" although after rough, but in the end still get a good result.

picture album sold, acting frequently praised, the ceremony can often see her figure.

but the so-called red is not much, in Angela Chang is no exception.

but this is not, but it is from her family.

2009, because of property problems, contradiction between Angela Chang and the family became well known. Mother was even accused of drug abuse.

" in the early 2006, Angela Chang was Taiwan media broke the news, as the home of the "shake Qian Shu. "

"then the mother was broke and singer Zhang Gaozhe's affair, followed by divorce.

" but the divorced parents, but in my uncle's instigation, with "abandonment" in the name of sue Angela Chang.

" Angela Chang is also here to Speechless Xinzui, then held a press conference that the mother and two people because of "money" had trouble. But admitted that he did not catch the mother out, mother is suddenly removed, she went to Canada in heart disease during the treatment period, put all the cash away, didn't have much money left in my account, leaving only a dozen of the book, but it is the mother's name, he did not receive.

fortunately, during this period, the younger brother and sister have been around. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" so, leading to the mother after the mother of the incident.

" to see the mother Zhang three siblings so united also flustered, even all can use all the tricks.

drug and alcohol, out of … …

see this occurred some time ago hit the "Ode to joy", Angela Chang is like a reality version of Fan Shengmei.

" is also a weak girl alone at home, barely looked himself but also shoulder the burdens of the family.

all the money related things, parents will not consciously think of them.

simply do not consider the difficulties of their children, just to be happy on their own.

" Angela Chang initially said that it would give alimony and purchase a property, but the mother lion in January to 1 million, Angela Chang is really can not afford, rejected the mother's request. Then

is excited.

at that time, the paparazzi every day in front of Angela Chang's house Dundian, led to a month she was not a window.

Angela Chang's career has been on hold for a long time.

later the truth of the matter began to emerge, Angela Chang also stepped on a difficult road to return.

" program, she asked whether she would often cry when she smiled and said there is a kind of pain to cry. Class= img_box "

"and also said that" he and his sister for the younger brother is his father and mother. "

"through it all, Angela Chang never said anything about parents is not good, just said very disappointed.

's parents, defamatory, false media reports, passers-by disorderly feet, in varying degrees, gave her a crit.

there is a saying: "the dog bites you, you can't bite the dog one? "

words rough reason not rough, a lot of time always can't other people have no quality no bottom line, we want to become the same people.

" in this way, not only did not solve any problems, but also let yourself become the kind of person who hate the most.

The loss outweighs the gain.

so Angela Chang, she used a tolerant heart and the most positive and optimistic attitude to face these disputes.

she said, "the best way is to have all of them. "The grace of parenting, of course, is to remember, the do will do, do not disturb each other is the best respect for each other. Class= img_box "

now, Angela Chang with his younger brother and sister to live together.

founded his own company, sister is the company's head and brokers.

opened the shop shop, when the boss.

" not only all things themselves, and also very efficient. Class= img_box "

" in the performing arts, also when the producer had a record. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" on the world tour.

" on weekdays, love fitness,

" love delicacy.

" is said to have recently purchased still abroad Island villa or

" with the most sincere heart, to make it through each of their own

" you sang: can you push me off a cliff, I can learn to fly.

I guess this is the best interpretation of your life.

thank you very much for your efforts to stand up, but also to fly higher and higher.

with a small body of strong sonorous voice, we bring more warmth and positive energy.

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She is a reality version of the inspirational small days after Fan Shengmei