Microsoft Horror: watch your every move!

Microsoft technology search engine intelligence

kuqiwang· 2016-10-05 04:05:33


Windows of user data collection is often criticized, although Microsoft has repeatedly declared that it would not involve privacy, all in order to improve the user experience, a patent and the latest Microsoft to get more people shiver all over though not cold. The

has just released a patent called "Query formulation via task continuum," basically describes a search engine can always through any computer user behavior monitoring technology, including the display and input the text, the text on the picture, playing music and so on.

" for you to write a paper about dancing, Bing, Huna will know your concerns, give intelligence related search results.

even, your use of the third party applications, will be in the list of monitoring.

patent said, so do it for the sake of users, because Microsoft hopes to connect the third party applications and their services to enhance the search experience.

Microsoft stressed that the user has a complete control of the right, Microsoft will not be allowed to collect any data, but the privacy of such a thing, who can speak clearly?

it is unclear when Microsoft plans this technology into Windows, but sooner or later will do so, perhaps you can completely say goodbye and privacy?

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