Negative effects of a huge golden week, there is a need to do


shenchouwanbao· 2016-10-05 11:38:03

Shenzhen evening news commentator Li Shenmiao

golden week after the launch of two or three years, public concern is gradually from the full of joy in tourism revenue surge transfer to congestion Kudachoushen people. Over the years, the basic no one cares about how the Golden Week tourism market booming - this is the inevitable thing, because the world's most populous country, basically three weeks of time to focus on travel. In addition to the Spring Festival holiday have a home to Wuyishiyiliang, a golden week to promote tourism for the purpose of this if they can not afford to take the tourism market, it is not far from subjugation.

golden week as a disguising the Japanese goods, comes at the beginning of background and today is different. At that time the more important task is to encourage the life just up Chinese travel consumption on paid leave sounds like Arabian Nights extensive growth in the country, the implementation of unified compulsory vacation policy has played a role in the others, with the conditions of the people from the formation of a habit, not from under the conditions of the people the concept of rising data that encourage consumption to the successful completion of travel.

" in China administrative measures to encourage the thing to be cautious, once a mistake will be out of control, golden week is a typical example. Even in the golden week of Japan during the golden week, the public focus on travel caused by traffic congestion is also inevitable crowd. But relatively speaking, the Japanese tourism industry is more mature, choose relatively rich; the transportation pressure is big, difficult than China; on human factors, people travel more in order. Can not say that the beginning of the decision did not take into account the golden week of China may be transferred to the traffic, scenic spots and other aspects of the upcoming pressure, but it is likely that the Chinese people's living standards are not enough to estimate the pace of development.

according to the annual report released by the China tourism statistics show that in 2000 the number of domestic tourists reached 744 million people, this figure in 2015 more than five times, breaking 4 billion. In 2000 when driving for ordinary people or American movies distant beauty, few have no statistical data, to 2015, driving the total number of more than 2 billion people. This more than and 10 years Chinese infrastructure construction with high efficiency and remarkable achievements, but still not known to the world, can fully meet the travel needs of Chinese. There is a reason for the Chinese to stop their steps, and so on.

" moreover, even if the infrastructure construction can allow the bearing travel demand of transportation, the pressure is not in the same area of logic to solve. After all, Mount Huangshan Taishan Jiuzhaigou only one of these scenic spots, we all want to go, can't say enough to use to build a new. Eleven golden week this year in response to the crowds, some famous attractions introduced measures to limit the flow, let visitors online in advance tickets booking, limit the number of scenic spots. This is a way, it is worth promoting, but do not expect this approach can significantly enhance the tour experience. After all the scenic spots for profit, limit the number is more terrible and too much out of safety accidents, not afraid of the impact of tourist experience, the safety standard value within human nature or better.

people go out to see the scenery, the scenery became the golden week, when the mission is completed, the negative effect of the beginning of the release, people began to Voices of discontent. Simple adjustment, such as the original 51 golden week break into several Qingming, Dragon Boat Festival and other small holiday for three days, and did not realize the shunting effect fundamentally, contrary to most people will also long-distance travel further concentrated to eleven golden week, exacerbated this time travel pressure.

" about each golden week less defects not to mention paid vacation, this concept is no longer strange for the people, employers are mostly still at a distance is a kind of attitude. Generally paid vacation in China do not have the condition, even if implemented, it is difficult to ensure the implementation of the employer pay. Golden Week itself is a paid vacation, but by the state mandatory uniform time. In modern society, there are few units can operate independently, the operation is bound to occur with other units, when most of the related units shut down, even if forced to work overtime, the efficiency is also hard to avoid. In this perspective, golden week is to a certain extent, forcing companies holiday, but for some industries, especially the service industry is not fair, the golden week is when many service workers busy, in addition to ensure that if not paid leave, can't say the wrong profession deserves to do to die.

law paid vacation status, administrative measures to ensure the implementation of paid leave, people spontaneously defend paid leave rights, this thing is very difficult, but not the way to escape, should become the direction to work for. In fact, now even the golden week and golden week overtime pay three times the wages of these policies to implement the level, but also not optimistic about the. In the final analysis, the cost is too low, the people of the unit is too low, and the effect is very limited rights channels, these urgent need to improve the legal and institutional.

" should see, now the golden week is more than unhappiness travel experience, service industry to work overtime, to maintain order, to divert traffic, or shut down or operate under the influence of the whole society to pay the cost, perhaps more than the implementation of higher paid vacation. The implementation of paid leave in the moment it is welfare, rather than stop, stop the national golden week once a year the outdated internal friction.

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