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the weather gradually cool, but also to a lot of mother ready to give the baby quit milk time. Indeed, the fall is a good time to quit milk.

summer weather is hot, the baby's gastrointestinal digestion ability is poor, do not recommend this time to give baby quit milk. The winter was cold, the baby not to drink milk at night, hungry cry, easy to affect sleep, and even lead to catch a cold. Therefore, pediatricians generally believed that the spring and autumn is more suitable for the baby milk. (pay attention to WeChat subscription number: a mother's child time, talk about parenting those things)

however, the benefits of breast milk for the baby very much, if the baby is too small, it is recommended not to be weaned.

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American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations within 6 months of breastfeeding, June age to 1 year old milk mixed feeding food supplement. After 1 years of age, if the conditions allow, continue to feed milk is also a good thing. As to choose when to weaning, and there is no fixed standard, mom can synthesize their own actual situation to make decisions.

weaning is a step by step process, a lot of mothers trying to one or two days on the baby's milk to quit, so to do, not only make their own heart uncomfortable, milk up uncomfortable, but also very". In fact, weaning can also be very gentle, the closer between mother and child, the easier it is, the more natural it is. Talk about how

before weaning, several errors easily enter the first talk about the baby weaning, weaning


1 suddenly suddenly weaned, refers to the child is not yet ready for the case (such as child acceptance of complementary, not love with a bottle of milk), forced to give baby weaning.

2, on the nipple smear stimulus

many mothers will accept "from" proposal, in nipple painted a variety of stimuli, such as pepper, essential balm, mercurochrome gentian violet, so as to let the baby on the breast to achieve early weaning aversion.

3, take the paternity of isolation, forced rapid weaning

as soon as possible in order to give baby weaning, some mothers choose to temporarily leave the baby, the baby will be handed over to the old man with a few days, even for a long time did not see the baby.

more than 3 common errors, are consistent with the definition of "violent weaning". In addition, it is not recommended in the baby when the body is not comfortable.

give baby weaning, not only let the baby feel great anxiety, to accept all of a sudden no milk reality, more difficult to accept in the absence of breast milk, mother would treat themselves with "cheat" or "leave" way.

if the baby will speak, it will be a strong "complaint" of the behavior of the mother, so that it is too inhuman.

" from the milk before, to ensure sufficient sense of security

breastfeeding, the most important principle is breast-feeding. The so-called breast-feeding, literally is as long as the baby to give him milk. Deep meaning is that the mother to understand the needs of the baby, the baby needs, the mother in a timely manner to respond to what to give, give enough trust and satisfaction. Because you let the baby trust you, even if the weaning time, the baby will not feel you in the cold, but is more willing to cooperate with you.

timely complementary feeding, let the baby to adapt to foods other than breast milk to the baby milk

benefits, we naturally know. But 6 months after the baby was born, the nutrition of breast milk has been unable to fully meet the nutritional needs of the baby. In addition, the baby also slowly developed chewing ability, grasping ability, love yourself holding food … … these signals show that the time to add baby food supplement.

therefore, timely to add baby food supplement, the amount from less to more, from single to rich varieties, not only can provide more sources of nutrients to the baby, but also can get ready for the baby weaning!

in advance for children to accept bottle feeding

6 months after the baby, let him take a bottle feeding, you can give the baby bottle feed water, also can put milk into the bottle to the baby to drink. The first time to the baby with a bottle, the best in the baby is not too hungry, when the mood is more pleasure, then the baby will be more patient to accept the same thing.

first day after weaning,

quit night milk a day, the baby wake up before, and before going to bed is the most need to appease the baby's attention during the day, but more scattered, so we can use the first day after weaning, or night milk ", gradually weaned.

day to drink milk, the mother can be prepared in advance for the baby to eat food or formula powder. If the baby has to accept bottle feeding, or to supplement the acceptance of the good mother, a little patience, the baby will generally accepted foods other than breast milk.

baby to drink milk to do what to do?

estimated that the mother's biggest worry is that this is the.

baby to make baby milk, the mother can attract other foods, toys, games, and disperse the attention of the baby.

baby is undaunted, he temporarily meet what problem. In fact, relax, gradually reduce the number of feeding during the day, even if it takes a few months to quit, there is. Persist in a few weeks or months, milk secretion will slowly decrease, and will not cause severe breast pain. (pay attention to WeChat subscription number: a mother's family time, talk about parenting those things)

every mother to take care of the child's way is not the same, some mothers can indeed do in a week on weaning success. If you and your baby can not do, and do not be too envious, will be extended to the time of weaning a little, baby and mother are better.

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